Is Don Callis About To Join AEW Full Time?

Right now in AEW, Don Callis is proving to be perhaps the company’s most hateable heel as The Invisible Hand. He’s the mastermind behind both AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and the AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks, and a constant source of delight when he joins commentary. However, up until now Callis was working double duty as both a backstage figure in Impact Wrestling and his role on AEW. That might be changing however, as it looks like Callis might be exiting Impact Wrestling.

Don Callis Might On His Way Out From Impact Wrestling

Right now if you look at the Impact Wrestling website, you will no longer see the name of Don Callis listed among their executives. Since 2017, Callis had the role of co-executive vice president in Impact Wrestling. However, now it seems like he is leaving that position, and perhaps Impact Wrestling as a whole to become a full time manager in AEW for Kenny Omega.

This was backed up by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, where he heard this news from people within Impact Wrestling. It has even been hinted at on Impact Wrestling TV that Callis was on his way out, when Scott D’Amore approached Callis and asked whether he is Impact Wrestling management or with AEW.

Potentially In Storyline, But Callis Has A Choice To Make

This could all be in storyline, as Omega & Callis are unwanted heel figures in Impact Wrestling at this point. Their storyline has been driving up PPV buys and TV ratings, so it’s not shocking that Impact Wrestling would look to use all avenues to tell it. It’s a situation where it’s hard to tell where kayfabe ends, and real life starts.

It would make sense that Callis could have to soon make a choice however. AEW is getting back on the road, and that will make things harder to juggle between the two companies. It’s also clear that AEW is the bigger company, and it’s a role that allows Callis to get on TV weekly in a major role.

Where would you rather see Callis, AEW or Impact Wrestling? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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