NJPW Wrestling Dontaku Night One Results: Zack Sabre Jr. Defeats Tanga Loa Via Pinfall To Earn Tag Title Shot For Dangerous Tekkers

No matter how Taichi vs. Tama Tonga goes, it really doesn’t matter to the fate of Dangerous Tekkers. This match is what matters. If ZSJ wins, Dangerous Tekkers get a chance to become the IWGP Tag Team Champions again. But if Tanga Loa wins? Dangerous Tekkers can never challenge for the belts again. ZSJ taking on a powerhouse is always a fun time, which should elevate this match.

A Battle Of Power vs. Technique On Display

They’d lock up, and Loa showed his power edge very early by forcing ZSJ around the ring. ZSJ got a one count off a sunset flip and countered a knee strike into a school boy before going for an abdominal stretch into a pinfall. None of these got a three count, but it showed Loa that ZSJ can turn anything into a pin or a submission. Loa nailed a shoulder tackle to ZSJ, before grabbing hold of him and fighting over wrist control. A wrist clutch suplex from Loa got a two count, as he tried to use his power to hold ZSJ’s shoulders down.

This control ended when ZSJ got Loa’s arms between his legs, and a twisting snap followed. Loa would hit a lariat into the corner, but his arm was stinging. He’d pull ZSJ to the apron for a clubbing blow before just opting to choke him, first with his hands then with his boot. ZSJ came back with a swinging DDT out of the corner, before kicking the arm and stomping on it. First looking for a double wrist lock, ZSJ instead hit another twisting armbreaker. He’d trap both arms of Loa, but was too close to the ropes.

Some boots to the face of Loa would lead to ZSJ getting power slammed, before Loa set up a powerbomb. ZSJ countered into a guillotine choke, before again snapping that left arm. Loa drove ZSJ hard into the corner, before setting up a lawn dart. ZSJ slipped out and hit some european uppercuts, Loa coming back with a knee strike. He missed a jumping spin kick, and ZSJ connected with a PK. Loa popped right up and nailed a lariat, before locking in a crossface.

Zack Sabre Jr. Can Win A Match Out Of Nowhere

ZSJ was able to get to the ropes to force a break, but having Loa yank back on that hold will hurt anyone’s neck. A delayed vertical suplex from Loa held ZSJ upside down for at least ten seconds before dropping him hard to the mat. Loa went up top for a diving headbutt, but missed. ZSJ would hit a quick neck snap before looking to tie Loa up in a submission in the middle of the ring. The modified armbar would be applied, and Loa struggled to get a foot on the rope.

ZSJ got a two count off a European Clutch, before going back to kicks on Loa. Loa responded with a big spear, before dropping ZSJ with a powerbomb for a two count. A jumping high kick caught ZSJ, and Loa set up Apeshit, only for ZSJ to counter into a crucifix pin for the win!

While this was no WALTER vs. ZSJ, he again proved that putting him against a powerhouse is a damn good time. Loa looked better than ever in singles action here, but was simply outclassed by the grappling prowess of ZSJ, who can beat anyone on a good day. This gets Dangerous Tekkers another shot at the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships. Match Rating: 3.75/5 (****)

Will Dangerous Tekkers regain the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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