Breaking News! Former WWE NXT Star and Impact Wrestling Champion Tessa Blanchard and Others Reportedly Help Injured Woman

Former WWE NXT and Impact Wrestling star Tessa Blanchard is in the news again as she and others reportedly helped a woman outside the Millennium Hotel in Los Angeles yesterday.

As reported by Sean Ross Sapp of

“Just heard that Tessa Blanchard helped a woman outside the Millennium Hotel in LA yesterday. She was bleeding from the head lying in the middle of the road. Tessa and others blocked off the road and administered aid to slow the bleeding while contacting EMTs to help.”

In an era where we’re bombarded by negative news, this is something that warms the heart.

Though to be fair, at the time of this writing this is the only news out there of her actions, so we’re hoping to see more confirmation coming from other outlets.

Reason to pause

This news has come with an interesting twist as there have been a few that have asked where the police report on the incident is after this follows Konnan reportedly saying she was recently signed to a promotion.

While it’s wise to take the news with a grain of salt, there’s plenty of reason to want more information to back this up given the last year has been a PR nightmare for Blanchard.

In 2020, she was accused of holding other women back, racism, and bullying by several women wrestlers when Blanchard posted a post about women supporting each other.

To be fair, the scrutiny is warranted after the accusations, which Blanchard mostly ignored and then went into radio silence instead of going on the record to clear the record, so to speak.

This was something Sean Ross Sapp noted in response to someone on his tweet:

“My correspondence with Tessa since last year:

“1. Her not responding to my request to the January 2020 stories emerging from her

“2. Asking her about it on a publicly recorded media call

“3. Her not responding to my inquiry of her contract status last year

“I don’t speak with her”

With all of that being said and with maybes and might haves going around, we’ll update this story as more information comes to light, so check back with for more.

Timing aside, if this is a legitimate act on her and others’ part, they deserve praise and thanks for their efforts.

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