Daniel Babis, Editor-in-Chief/Founder

I have always been a wrestling and sports aficionado, which to me form the pinnacle of entertainment. As a wrestling aficionado, some of my fondest memories are of the Monday Night Wars during the mid-to-late nineties – truly the pinnacle in sports entertainment history as far as I’m concerned! But I’m also a fan of the 80s and 90s larger-than-life personalities that represented a real-like version of superheroes and super-villains. Right now, I’m super excited to see how the AEW evolves from this point and whether they’re going to pose a serious challenge to the WWE’s reign of dominance. The electricity in the air is real, it’s exciting times to be a wrestling fan again!

Jody Overland, Editor-in-Chief/Founder

Jody has been a wrestling fan since the 80s and one of his fondest memories is seeing Tony Atlas live and in-the-flesh at a house show in Montreal. The size of his muscles was unlike anything he had seen before, and he was hooked afterwards. That moment also sparked his interest in the adjacent world of body-building, which is well connected and well represented in wrestling. Jody has followed all the different eras since then and was especially fond of Stone Cold’s pressers and Goldberg’s surreal power (he’s still in awe at the Jackhammer he delivered on The Giant, Paul Wight).

CP Bialois, Senior Wrestling Writer

A child of the 1980s, CP Bialois was born to pretend. He loved to create intricate plots based on his favorite shows and professional wrestling. In time, his interests expanded into horror, sci-fi, action, and comedy. His favorite books were Sherlock Holmes, Treasure Island, Dracula, and Star Trek.

Never one to do things the easy way, CP refused to learn to read in school, so his dad taught him through comic books. Following along with his dad, CP picked up reading in a couple of weeks.

Everything he’s read or has seen has influenced him in some way as he creates his own worlds.

Jordan Huie, Senior Wrestling Writer

Hi, I’m Jordan Huie and I’m hardcore wrestling fan, by which I mean I’m a hardcore fan of wrestling… but I also have nothing against hardcore wrestling! I’ve been watching since 2006, back when I was 12 years old. In that time I’ve fervently followed WWE, TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground and others. Today I’m most passionate about NXT, New Japan and especially AEW! You could call me a modern wrestling savant but I know my old school stuff as well… I’ll be your huckleberry all night long.

James Swift, Senior Wrestling Writer & Expert