WWE NXT Results (12/11/2019) Raul Mendoza Upsets Cameron Grimes


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WWE NXT Results (12/11/2019) Raul Mendoza Upsets Cameron Grimes

Another episode of WWE NXT is in the books, and it was one with some surprising results. None moreso than the match this particular article is based on!

Cameron Grimes has made some waves pretty swiftly in recent months, securing some extremely quick, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it victories with his devastating double foot stomp. But he seemed to take issue with the ensuing return of Kushida, and before he could make it back to the ring, he violently assaulted him backstage in an attempt to put him right back on the shelf.

Grimes then made his way out for a match with Raul Mendoza, a man who’s impressed in the past and actually gotten upsets before, but never managed to make much out of it. He’s always been on the peripheral of being a regular of the NXT roster, just barely missing out on being all that relevant.

But last night, Mendoza was in rare form, immediately taking it to Grimes with his high flying offense. Grimes did eventually manage to catch him with his Collision Course counter, but that was when Kushida made his presence known. The crowd begged Kushida to “Take the hat”, referring to the hat Grimes comes out with and always proudly places on the ring post before his matches. But before he could do much else, the distraction costed Grimes.

A hurricarana later, Mendoza had scored the flash pin for the upset victory!

A fairly impressive one as well, seeing as Grimes basically only hit a single move the whole time before being beaten in roughly two minutes.

Afterwards, of course, Kushida complied with the fans’ wishes and took the hat, trying it on and making his way to the back with it! I’m sure images of Back To The Future flashed into his mind as he backed up the ramp, cowboy hat on head and a bright smile on his face.

These two will certainly square off before long and that should be quite the exciting match indeed.

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