WWE Seth Rollins Unintentional Heel – This Generation’s Bret Hart


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Seth Rollins is this generation’s Bret Hart.

Despite whether we like him or not, Seth Rollins regularly venting on social media toward those that have an unpopular opinion of him has made him a heel, but not a fun one. Add to it his unwavering support for an organization that is looked upon unfavorably at best by many only further cements this feeling.

The sad part about this is it’s not intentional. In fact, he and WWE creative have been trying to cement him as a hero for the masses. Because of the relentless push (holding onto their pride and ignoring the fans’ reactions), fans have turned on Seth Rollins. Because of his complete company man image on social media that’s been built on attacking those that question the WWE and Vince McMahon, he’s become a pariah.

He’s this generation’s Bret Hart

Seth Rollins has found a way to make himself a heel in most fans’ eyes and become this generation’s Bret Hart. The near constant whining both on screen and off, such as during an interview with Corey Graves where he called fans fickle (Yes, we are. But all fans are in every entertainment field, so it’s nothing new).

He’s also recently got into a spat with Dave Metzler. Now, Metzler is hit or miss with his information, but his report that Seth Rollins gave a speech at a meeting held by Vince McMahon about the mechanical problems in Saudi Arabia makes sense given his previous reactions.

The individual that’s the face of the franchise (ie quarterback and heavyweight champion – former or current) is considered a locker room leader. It doesn’t matter is Seth Rollins denies it or not, that’s how he’s going to be viewed by those in and out of the locker room. It’s expected of him, whether he likes it or not.

It’s why his claim that he didn’t say anything doesn’t make sense. And when we consider Seth Rollins’ social media attack on Dave Metzler — since Rollins tends to be more aggressive when confronted with a truth he doesn’t like — it looks even more probable. Add to that the reports that he told the talent they should talk to the bosses before posting on social media is in line with his company man image he’s cultivated, as does his own statement that it was a good, productive meeting.

This generation's Bret Hart

The truth is, the only ones that know for sure are the ones that were in the meeting, but it’s safe to say the truth is somewhere in the middle of both sides.

What is obvious is the comparisons to Bret Hart are becoming more and more obvious. At least, Bret Hart had a Hall of Fame caliber career before this happened to him. Hope Seth Rollins can turn it around before it goes too far.

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