WWE TLC 2019 Results | The New Day def. The Revival


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WWE TLC 2019 Results | The New Day def. The Revival

WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2019 is on, with the main card having just kicked off. Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here and I will be with you throughout the night giving you the live results from the show as they come! WWE TLC started with a big time ladder match, pitting The New Day – represented of course by Kofi Kingston and Big E – against Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, the Revival! This bout was of course for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

The two teams have faced off many times throughout the year, trading tag title victories aplenty. At one point the Revival even partnered up with Randy Orton to face off with them in a 3-on-3 feud, during Kofi’s issues with Orton during his WWE Championship reign.

But after many strong matches, now it seems we’ve gotten to the big blowoff, as they squared up with a major stipulation. The Ladder match theoretically greatly favored the more modern and agile New Day against the traditional, tried-and-true Revival.

You can see an excerpt of my recap of this match below:

He drags Dawson on top of the ladder bridge! E goes up top… Wilder cuts him off, E gets crotched! Dawson now pursues E up top, DAWSON WITH A RIDICULOUS SUPLEX THAT DENTS THE LADDER! It’s bent but not broken… Wilder off the top with a splash to shatter it! Jesus, those ladders don’t fail to break very often, that had to suuuck!

“This Is Awesome” chant, Revival climbing both ladders, Kofi off the top rope flies to the rungs of one of them! He’s fighting all by himself against the both of them! But Wilder slides Kofi’s legs between the rungs, slams his face into the top of the ladder over and over and now he’s out. E somehow gets up in time though to grab Wilder from behind just before he grabbed the titles! E WITH A BIG ENDING OFF THE LADDER!! Loud chant for “Kofi” now as he’s still laid out and Dawson’s grabbing for the titles! Kofi manages to fight out, slams the titles right into Dawson’s face and Dawson falls right onto the already shattered ladder! Dawson’s ladder fell too, what carnage… Kofi grabs the titles and the New Day retains!

Winners: The New Day

Indeed, Kofi Kingston and Big E defeated The Revival in incredible fashion, it was truly an excellent match, began like an oldschool ladder match focused on spots around a single ladder, and ramped up to more modern madness.

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