Smackdown Spoiler: Fiend and the Undertaker Meet?


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After a couple of weeks of speculation as to who the Fiend would attack next, we were given a clue on Raw during the latest Firefly Fun house segment.

While talking about Steve Austin, Bray Wyatt brushed him aside as an old rattlesnake that would do what rattlesnakes do. He then “fixed” Abby the Witch’s clock by whacking it a couple of times with a hammer.

The time changed from 3:16 to 11:19.

What does this mean?

Well, maybe nothing. Wyatt showed a methodology in his thinking as he doesn’t fault people for doing what they naturally do, hence why going after Austin isn’t in the cards. It also brings to mind Ramblin’ Rabbit’s cry of “Stranger Danger!”

It’s easy to think he meant Austin, but there have been few WWE superstars stranger than the Undertaker. He could be seen as a threat to the Fiend’s existence and must be dealt with via storyline. It’d be a cool feud and would hopefully put Wyatt over even more before Clash of Champions.

Another angle is the Undertaker debuted in the WWE in November 19, 1990. It’s a date few of us thought of or even realized.

The Undertaker’s angle

Not only would it be great for the Fiend to be involved in a few matched before Hell in a Cell, but a storyline would also allow us to see him interact more. When that foil is the Undertaker, it’s a match made in hell, so to speak.

The problem here is, as we all know, the Undertaker isn’t young and his in ring ability is limited, but in spurts and backstage action, he can more than hold his own.

Just imagining the battles and psychological war between the two would be reminiscent of the Undertaker and Kane’s long running feud. It could even be part of the reason Kane is rumored to make a return to the WWE.

Kane’s return?

Think about it this way: If the Fiend torments and defeats the Undertaker, what would put him over more than the Big Red Machine coming back for revenge? If the Fiend can survive that, win or lose, he’ll be more than ready to face Rollins or Strowman at Hell in a Cell.

Of course, Kane could appear there and interfere, just like he did between the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels in 1997. History repeats itself, so would that really be so strange?

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