Into the Vault: WWE King of the Ring 1995

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In June 1995, WWE King of the Ring 1995 took place at the Spectrum—in ECW country. Things might get hairy for WWE here, folks. Now, King of the Ring 1995 is often remembered as one of WWE’s worst PPV events. Is this all overblown or is it that bad of a show? The card is a mix of “No thank you” and “This could be good” but how was it? Let’s check it out. 


Savio Vega defeating Yokozuna wasn’t a bad match but it doesn’t go further than adequate. The Roadie vs. Bob Holly wasn’t an awful match but I didn’t care about these two facing off all. The same goes for Kama drawing HBK at 15-minutes. What? How? Who drew this card up and made these decisions?! Mabel defeating The Undertaker? Whoa.  

This isn’t WrestleMania or anything but freshly in the promotion, Mabel who hasn’t shown he’s a big match player shouldn’t be winning over The Undertaker here. Outrageous. Well, the quarter-finals are done so we should probably get some decent matches. If half of your show is bad you must salvage it with the second half. There’s no way the suck can continue. 

Into the Vault: WWE King of the Ring 1995

SykeWWE King of the Ring 1995 continues with gusto! When you look at the fixtures, you see that two people who could’ve saved this tournament are out. HBK drew with Kama and Mabel defeated Taker. Jeff Jarrett’s managing The Roadie and Razor Ramon is managing Savio Vega. No one is saved in the Spectrum! 

Savio advances over The Roadie in another Raw opener. No, this is a WWF Wrestling Challenge or Superstars main event, baby! However, Mabel defeats Savio in a bona fide Mania main event. No, I don’t mean WrestleMania but WWF Mania. 

Go ahead and throw the main event on the pile too. Again, not a bad match it’s just not one I care about. The rest of this event takes you so far out of the show that you stop caring by the time Hart vs. Lawler starts.  


Bret Hart continues his feud with Jerry Lawler. Leading up to this match, Lawler had been talking about making Bret kiss his feet and showing off how crusty, dank, and ranc his feet are. Seriously, this was the main thing I cared about after going through the bulk of King of the Ring 1995: Lawler vs. Hart. The match itself wasn’t even all that good. It was decent but it was one of the better things on the show. 

WWE King of the Ring 1995 Verdict: 2.5/10 

There were low-tier matches that could’ve been mid but they crush your enthusiasm so much and so swiftly that you have to wonder about the decisions. I understand this is the New Generation but WWE doesn’t have to use top stars of the New Generation as fodder for guys who just came in. How much faith did they have in Kama, Mabel, The Roadie, and Savio Vega? 

Alright, Savio became better later that year. By 1996 he was a strong midcarder who could float underneath the main event if needed. Kama needed a gimmick change and to show his charisma. I believe he should’ve remained Papa Shango. His transition through gimmicks is just interesting. 

The Roadie panned out further down the road as did Mabel. However, at this moment in 1995 WWE shouldn’t have fed them top stars. This event could’ve been WWE’s first high rating event of 1995 if they had moved some people around during the qualifiers on TV and booked others to win. 

Instead, we get a busted and disgusted King of the Ring. 

WWE In Your House I Score: 4.5/10 

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