Rich Swann Back Under Contract with Impact Wrestling? Returns to Help Willie Mack at Under Siege

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Recently, we wrote about the possibility of Rich Swann’s contract expired and he hadn’t resigned with Impact Wrestling, but it appears a deal is in the works as he appeared at Under Siege.

After Willie Mack lose to W. Morrissey and Morrissey was looking to break Mack with a chair, Rich Swann stunned everyone by running out to help his friend and chase Morrissey off.

While Swann helping Mack isn’t a surprise, seeing him at the pay-per-view was. But maybe it shouldn’t have been?

Under the radar

Impact Wrestling is one of the best wrestling companies when it comes to keeping signings secret while letting some slip.

In this case, and assuming our reference in the previous article was correct, they may have resigned Rich Swann without a word.

If they did, it was a great ruse as many of us didn’t expect to see him until an announcement was made, and it was a pretty awesome moment.

There’s also the possibility that Swann’s working without a contract as they iron things out. It’d show the amount of trust he and the company have in each other to come to a deal.

New storyline

We’re glad Swann’s back, and we’re looking forward to this storyline with Morrissey. It’s similar to the one with Moose when Moose had to go through Mack to get to him.

Moose brutalized Mack a couple of times, forcing the official to call the match.

Morrissey didn’t go that far as he defeated Mack by pinfall and then went for extracurriculars.

So, with Swann back in action it looks like we could get some answers on this week’s IMPACT either in a promo or during a confrontation backstage.

The downside to this is it’s another David vs. Goliath match, but it makes sense as Rich Swann’s made a name lately on taking down some of bigger men he’s faced and it’s helped create some memorable moments.

However it goes, we can’t wait to see him in action again and hope he signs/signed a contract he’s happy with and one the keeps him around for a few years.

The future of Impact is bright as they have a good nucleus of young talent to build on and it’s going to be a fun ride.

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