WWE Money In the Bank 2019 Results & Recap: Brock Lesnar Steals the Show In HUGE Way, Wins MITB – Where & When Does the Beast Cash In?

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WWE Money In the Bank 2019: Brock Lesnar Steals the Show In HUGE Way, Wins MITB - Where & When Does the Beast Cash In?

The buildup to the 2019 WWE Money In the Bank PPV wasn’t steady, but the day finally arrived, and the WWE’s best were ready to put on a great show. But first, we had to make it through the Kickoff Show.

WWE Money In the Bank 2019: Brock Lesnar Steals the Show In HUGE Way, Wins MITB – Where & When Does the Beast Cash In?

Like typical pregame shows, it focused on the main stories and the feuds that had arisen or were ongoing prior to WrestleMania. It did a great job setting the base for the pay-per-view, but there was one little hitch.

The Usos beat Daniel Bryan and Rowan (Smackdown Tag Champions) by pinfall.

As their previous match, Jey Uso absorbed most of the punishment from Bryan and Rowan, during which Rowan displayed a subtle, yet important and cool maneuver: tagging himself in when Bryan’s thrown into the ropes. This may not be flashy, but it’s a cool move Rowan uses to legally enter the ring and turn the momentum, which is what his size and power allows him to do pretty well.

The match was more than that, as we got to see some awesome counters, including Bryan slapping a Labell Lock on Jey Uso during a splash. Jimmy broke the submission attempt up. Rowan made his presence felt again, as he caught each Uso in a splash attempt outside the ring before being dropped by a pair of superkicks and a double dive. With Rowan out, the Usos caught Bryan in a double superkick on a diving Bryan, knocking him out. A Double Uce splash and clean pin followed as the champions lost to their biggest current rivals.

This was a great match to start things off, but it felt wrong that this was on the Kickoff Show and not the actual pay-per-view.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Bayley beat Naomi, Carmella, Nikki Cross, Mandy Rose, Ember Moon, Dana Brooke, and Natalya by claiming the MITB contract.

The action started fast and furious as Nikki Cross took the initiative and helicoptered with a ladder, cleaning out the ring.

Athleticism took over for brute force as Naomi displayed some moves by running atop two ladders and avoided being squished between two ladders with a split.

Not everything went according to plan, as shortly afterwards, Carmella hurt her right knee when Rose drop kicked a ladder she was trying to open and somehow his her. Three times, Rose tried to approach her to work, but Carmella violently pushed her away each time, leaving Rose confused as one would expect. Carmella was attended to by officials and helped into the back while the match continued.

Several times the ring was cleared, and during one of those times, Bayley was caught beneath a ladder as she tried to set it up as opponents ran in and sandwiched her with the ladder before Naomi put her on a ladder and hit her with a split-legged moonsault.

After Cross laid out Naomi with her elevated spring neckbreaker, the race up the ladder began until Brooke pushed it over, taking out Cross. Alone in the ring, Brooke started her own climb to the briefcase.

She had it in her grasp, even going so far as to partially swing with it, as Rose did everything she could to stop her. With victory on hold, the others swarmed the ladder and Natalya pushed it over.

Moon then hit The Eclipse from a ladder outside the ring into the ring to eliminate Nataly. Moon never had a chance to climb the ladder as Rose nailed her with her Fairytale Ending onto a ladder.

Carmella showed a lot of hart by limping back to the ring, her right knee wrapped, as Rose started climbing the ladder. She managed to take Rose down, but she couldn’t climb fast enough as Sonya Deville (Seriously, did anyone not expect this given she accompanied Rose to ringside?) pulled Carmella down and speared her.

In true teamwork fashion, Deville put Rose on her shoulders and climbed the ladder, intent on her friend and partner winning the contract.

Rose had he briefcase in hand, but Bayley ran up and climbed the other side of the ladder. After a brief stare down where Rose and Deville looked scared, Bayley pushed them off, and grabbed the suitcase, winning the match to a huge ovation. “I’m not just Bayley. I’m Miss Money in the Bank!”

This was a great way to officially kick off the pay-per-view as this had everything we’ve grown accustomed to over the years in ladder matches.

Business as Usual

A segment in the backstage area had a highly nervous and scared Sami Zayn interrupt Triple H while the latter was on the phone.

Once he had Hunter’s attention, Zayn pointed out Strowman was after him and that it was Hunter’s problem as well since Zayn can’t think straight.

Triple H informed him that Strowman wasn’t there and was banned from the building (which we find out later he is there), but the best part was him telling him to,

Zayn, of course, begged for protection, to which Hunter replied, “I suggest you tape up your fists, and get out of the office.”

Well said, Hunter, well said.

United States Championship: Rey Mysterio beats Samoa Joe (c) by pinfall

In a repeat of their WrestleMania match, this one was over in minutes. But with a caveat — a “Scripted Screwjob”.

Samoa Joe took control early, forcing Mysterio into counter a powerbomb into a huricanrana and a subsequent pin.

Of course, in what would be a trend for the night, the officiating was found lacking as Samoa joe’s left should was clearly up.

Everyone, including Rey Mysterio, looked shocked at the outcome, but once he processed everything, Samoa Joe was a wee bit livid. It may not have helped that his nose was busted and bleeding (legitimately), but he did leave the ring.

Mysterio’s son, Dominic, came to ringside to celebrate with his father, but Samoa Joe ran back out and steamrolled Mysterio before throwing him into the ring where he immediately hit Mysterio with a Uranage.

With Dominic watching and pleading for him to stop, Samoa joe lifted Mysterio for a single arm slam, then a senton.

This should add some fodder to further enhance the storyline going forward now that Samoa Joe has a legitimate complaint about the officiating. One thing to note is Joe has not laid a hand on Dominic yet. How far will he be pushed before he does? Better stay tuned in to see.

Steelcage Match: Shane McMahon beats The Miz by over-the-top escape

As soon as the match started, Shane tried to escape by climbing out, but the Miz caught him not once, but twice in the opening minutes.

This quickly turned into a survival match as Shane was beaten soundly through most of it, but he did get in a few shots and nearly escaped by crawling out the door. The Miz caught him and dragged him back into the steelcage, but Shane brought a surprise in with him. In his effort to hold on, Shane managed to grab a steel chair and The Miz pulled it into the steelcage with Shane.

After a brief exchange, both Superstars were knocked down, but The Miz spotted the chair and both men lunged for it. The Miz won and, well, Shane received about a dozen steel chair shots to the back and head for his trouble before The Miz hit his Skull-Crushing Finale finisher on the chair. The subsequent pin was broken by… Shane’s foot on the rope. As Michael Cole pointed out — the fans booing helped — the ropes don’t break pins inside a steelcage, so we have official blunder number two of the night.

Following another escape attempt, The Miz threw Shane off the top of the steelcage, then hit with a frog splash, but only got a two count (Anyone miss the old days when escape was the only way to win? Given the referee’s botch, maybe we’re close to going back to that storyline wise?).

Another escape attempt over the top nearly resulted in The Miz superplexing Shane back into the ring, but Shane managed to fall to the ground, his shirt peeling off him like a banana, for the win.

While a fun revenge match, it’s safe to say we haven’t seen the last of these two going head to head.

Mick Foley on Monday Night Raw

We were treated to a brief teaser of Mick Foley announcing a new title on Raw (5/20). It may be nostalgia, but I’m betting they’re bringing back the hardcore title. Who better to usher it back into existence than the Hardcore Legend himself?

Sami Zayn’s Hanging Around

An official led Triple H through the backstage area, saying he didn’t know when or how it happened. They arrive at an out of the way area where Sami Zayn, his fears having been realized, was tied up and hanging upside down.

Later on, Triple H confronts Strowman about it and says he’s not going to get into the Men’s Money in the Bank match that way. Strowman claimed he didn’t know what Hunter was talking about, but Hunter asked him to leave the building. Strowman replied, “Whatever,” and left. So, who was responsible if Strowman didn’t do it? Perhaps the New Day to keep him from interfering? It’s not their style, but with Kevin Owens pushing all the right buttons, who’s to say? Who else could it be? Answers to com.

Cruiserweight Championship: Nese (c) beat Ariya Daivari by pinfall to retain the championship

A fun match that probably arguably should’ve been shown during the Kickoff Show, displayed why it’s a fun conference. Nese and Daivari mixed in high-flying maneuvers with old-school tactics and techniques to give an entertaining match, even if the fans didn’t appreciate it.

Nese hit an insane corkscrew over the top rope, then a 450 splash but Daivari kicked out. Not to be outdone, Daivari landed a frog slash (Nese kicked out) and slapped on a hammerlock lariat Nese was able to break before Nese scored the pin following a running knee in a corner.

Raw Women’s Championship Match: Becky Lynch (c) beat Lacey Evans by submission

With the crown behind her, Lynch took to the offensive early, but Evans eventually gained the upper hand and worked on Lynch’s left arm, slamming it against the ring apron and post several times. Looking to end things, Lynch slapped on a Dis-Arm-Her, but Evans got to the rope. Evans then kicked Lynch’s left leg, and rolled her up, but Lynch’s shoulders weren’t down, and Lynch countered with a Dis-Arm-Her in the center of the ring for the submission win.

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Charlotte Flair beat Becky Lynch by pinfall

Lynch barely had time to get out of the ring when Flair came down for an impromptu match. Though it was set to look like Flair was taking advantage of the situation, the announcers hinted at these being back to back matches prior to Lynch and Evans starting. It’s safe to assume that was a flub, but the matches weren’t.

A reversal of the previous match, Flair came out strong early one, battering Lynch for the first minute or so before Lynch was able to fend her off. A series of counters followed, as the former best friends knew one another’s actions.

With both women down, with Lynch on the mat by the ropes after fending Flair off, and the official distracted, Evans ran back down and hit Lynch with a Woman’s Right. Flair immediately tried to take advantage, but Lynch rolled her up for a near three count. Rebounding out of the pin, Flair hit Lynch with a big boot for the pin.

Following the match, Lynch went after Evans, soundly beating her until Flair jumped in. After two matches and facing two opponents, Lynch was pinned in the corner as Flair wanted to teach her a lesson.

Bayley Cashes in. Smackdown Women’s Championship Match: Bayley beats Charlotte Flair by pinfall

Bayley raced to the ring with the MITB briefcase in tow and took out Evans, but Flair knocked her aside and refocused on Lynch. Bayley then grabbed Flair and threw her through the turnbuckles and into the ringpost, knocking her out.

With the fans cheering, Bayley grabbed the briefcase and handed it to the referee, who signaled for the match to begin.

Bayley dragged Flair away from the rope, hit a flying elbow drop, and scored the pinfall to mark one of the shortest championship reigns in WWE history.

Bayley celebrated along the ringside before heading into the crowd and “Huggers’ area”. The fans gave her a standing ovation and put her over in a huge way.

Roman Reigns beat Elias by pinfall

On his way to the ring, Reigns is attacked as Elias shattered his guitar across his back.

Elias, confident Reigns wasn’t a threat, made his way to the ring where an electric guitar was waiting for him. After insulting the fans and a brief song, he finished with, “Thank you. I love none of you,” then headed backstage.

He nearly made it to the top of the ramp when Reigns’ music started and Reigns charged out and launched into him with a Superman Punch (Just a thought, but maybe Elias should hit him harder next time if he wants to get away with this?).

Reigns then dragged Elias to the ring where he hit him with a spear right after the bell sounded and pinned him.

At least it was quick for Elias, too? And it supplied enough uncertainty to keep fans from switching to Game of Thrones, so well played WWE. Well played indeed.

Universal Championship: Seth Rollins beat AJ Styles by pinfall

Their first match against one another started out with a technical, feeling out session as they probed one another’s defenses and abilities.

The word of the match was counter as Rollins countered a revolution knee turned neckbreaker with a buckle bomb and frog splash that nearly scored him the win.

They continued exchanging near pins with various moves like rollups, spinning powerbombs, and sunset flips, but things really got interesting when Rollins hit with a reverse suplex turned into a reverse falcon’s arrow, but Styles kicked out.

Style dodged a Stomp, countering it with a Calf Crusher, but Rollins rolled out of it

Rollins then avoided a Pele kick, and Styles countered another Stomp attempt by reversing it into a Styles Clash. Rollins again kicked out at a near three count.

Rollins then caught a Phenomenal Forearm, countering it into a revolution knee. He then hit Styles with a superkick and Stomp for the pin.

Styles left the ring, but returned as Rollins celebrated. After a brief stare down, Rollins held up the belt in a “not today” moment. After a moment, Style held out his hand, which Rollins accepted after his own pause. Styles then left respectfully, allowing the fans and the Superstars themselves to bask in the moment.

Lars Sullivan and… Lucha House Party

What was billed as a 6 man tag match became yet another way for the Lucha House Party to be massacred by a larger force. Sullivan took them out one by one in a segment that was honestly a waste of time. Could we please have Sullivan face have a rivalry with someone, anyone already? Please?

WWE Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (c) beat Kevin Owens by pinfall

Kingston started out strong with both power and aerial moves, but Owens eventually gained the upper hand due mainly to super kicks (the man is deadly with those). After hitting a senton and then throwing Kingston into the ring post, Owens hit with a frog splash from the ring apron to the ringside area.

Kingston eventually hit with an S.O.S., but Owens kicked out and nearly made Kingston tap out after countering a Trouble in Paradise into a Boston Crab. Owens then hit him with a Pop-Up powerbomb, but Kingston kicked out.

With finishers being countered regularly, it was no surprise when Kingston counted a stunner attempt with a Trouble in Paradise that cause Owens to roll out of the ring.

Once he was back inside the ring, Owens hit with a stunner, but it was too close to the ropes as Kingston grabbed them to break the pin.

Frustrated, Owens ripped off Kingston’s shoes (seriously) and attempted a somersault senton. Kingston countered by lifting both knees, then hit Owens with a Trouble in Paradise for the win.

This was a fun match that showed Kingston in the real deal as he managed to overcome Owens without hit New Day brethren coming to his aid. With Kingston continuing to prove himself, this opens up so many options going forward. It’s an exciting time.

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Brock Lesner (Guess we know who took out Zayn) beat “Mr. Former” Baron Corbin, Finn Balor, Ricochet, Andrade, Ali, Drew McIntyre, and Randy Orton by claiming the MITB contract.

With seven men to start, Orton showed his experience by quickly ducking out of the ring and patrolling like a shark while the others fought.

His plan appeared to work as he put Ali, then Balor onto the announce table with his signature slam when they popped out of the ring. He then dodged an attack by Ricochet and slammed him into the table. Just like that, three Superstars were down, and Orton continued prowling.

Orton was the first to set a ladder up, but Andrade drop kicked the ladder from the ropes, Thwarting Orton’s plans.

A brief comedy segment occurred as Ricochet and Ali did a Three Stooges skit as one would partially climb up the ladder only to have the other pull them down, then try to climb up. This happened several times before the others spilled into the ring.

Following that, Balor was the first to actually touch the suitcase after setting up and climbing up the ladder, but Andrade speared him with another ladder, then hung it on the ropes and the main ladder before climbing up. Once at the top with Balor, Andrade hit with an insane sunset flip powerbomb over the top of the ladder, resulting in Balor bouncing off the ladder Andrade had propped up previously.

Previous alliances held true as McIntyre and Corbin worked together, watching each other’s’ backs as they bounced Ali and Ricochet between ladders and moved through the ring with impunity until Orton DDT’d Corbin.

In time, two ladders were set up next to one another, and Ali took full advantage, hitting Andrade with a Spanish Fly off the middle rungs.

Following powerbombing Ali through a table, Corbin turned on McIntyre, throwing him over the barricade. Corbin then powerbombed Balor onto the side of a tented ladder and countered a flying Ricochet with a Deep Six at ringside. McIntyre then returned the betrayal with a Claymore on Corbin outside the ring.

Looking to take full control, McIntyre suplexed Balor from a kneeling position onto a ladder, then slingshot Andrade on top of him.

Ricochet managed to slip into the ring and started to climb the ladder, but McIntyre caught him and threw him out of the ring and through a ladder propped between the announcer’s table and ring. Ricochet remained there the rest of the match.

Orton entered the ring and pulled McIntyre off the top of the ladder with an RKO, but Corbin quickly took Orton out after that.

As Corbin climbed the ladder, Ali jumped on his back and climbed over him and eventually knocked him off.

Ali was almost at the top when Brock Lesner’s music started and the Beast made his way to the ring, taking the open spot caused by Zayn’s absence (how this worked and Strowman couldn’t take the spot will probably be subject of debate for some). He pushed the ladder over, sending Ali outside of the ring. Without any obstruction, Lesner set up the ladder and claimed the briefcase and contract within.

Brock Lesner is Mr. Money in the Bank.

Rollins had better watch out.

Final Thoughts

This was a really entertaining pay-per-view that lived up to the hype they had tried (and kinda failed) to build leading to it. Lesner was a pleasant surprise and shows the old guard is still around and hungry. The addition of Lesner will only help things going forward, and it’ll prove to be a very difficult championship run for Seth Rollins.

It’ll also be fun to see how the other matches play out over the next few weeks as some new feuds will begin and other, older ones will grow in intensity. We’d better strap on our seatbelts for the ride.

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