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WWE Stomping Grounds Rollins vs. Baron

WWE Stomping Grounds is tonight, and the excitement in the air is… less than palpable. But hey, anything can happen in WWE and though I haven’t predicted many surprises, Vince’s desperation can create some wonderful – or horrifying – things. Either way, it’d be something you’d want to keep up with, and that’s what we’re here for!

My name is Jordan Huie and tonight I am going to be recapping the proceedings as they occur. You can expect results within seconds of a match’s conclusion and maybe even a sassy line or two!

Kickoff show is underway. 

Within seconds a chant of ‘New Day Rocks’ ushers us in. Interestingly, the steel cage is already down, seemingly implying that the WWE title match will be opening the main show. Jonathan Coachman, Charly Caruso, David Otunga and Booker T are our pre-show panel.

After a Dolph/Kofi vignette plays, we see Booker and Charly actually in the cage to analyze what it’s like to wrestle within the steel confines. Still the cage remained down even afterwards, and they often run these vignettes in the order at which the matches take place.

New Day up on the panel. They mention their regret for dancing with Coach in the past and make it clear that Kofi does not need their help to beat Dolph Ziggler. They made conspicuous little mention of their own match later in the night against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

No matches confirmed for the kickoff yet.

Ricochet is our next guest. He says he’s excited for the journey ahead of him on the main roster. He talks up how huge the opportunity face Joe for the US title is for him and how he expects Joe to bring out the best in him. When asked about Joe’s attack on the injured Mysterio, he calls him a bully and accuses him of having no respect.

As he talks about this, Joe interrupts him from a video feed. He claims Ricochet has been there for a cup of coffee and it hasn’t even been a good one. Joe tells him he is not on his level and asks if he understands what he really won in that fatal five way. He says Ricochet might amaze the fans, but it won’t save him from Joe. He lets him know that he’ll sleep well tonight.

Bryan & Rowan backstage.

The two chase off referee Charles Robinson for being in their shot for an interview. Bryan is furious about the state of the tag division and brings up that while the likes of the New Day and the Usos are incredible athletes having wonderful matches, but they treat everything like a joke. He similarly brings up the legit athletic credentials that Heavy Machinery have, but berates them for their silly demeanor.

He makes it clear that their goal is to save the tag team division from being a joke, once again emphasizing that they’re the planet’s champions. Notably when we cut back to Booker T, he surprisingly agrees with Bryan’s point. Hilariously the inventor of the Spinaroonie claims he doesn’t like the dancing either.

Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre backstage.

Shane claims he smells the smell of victory. Drew lets Roman know that the truth hurts, but not as much as he’ll hurt him later tonight.

We then cut down to the broadcast table to see the 205 Live commentary team of Nigel McGuinness, Aiden English and Vic Joseph. Cruiserweight title match triple threat up now.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat: Tony Nese (C) vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Drew Gulak

During his entrance, Nese vowed to steal the show before the show. Neat early spot sees Tozawa nail a german suple on Gulak whilst having Nese’s legs hooked for a double pin nearfall. The match wastes little time speeding up, as Nese’s usual cartwheel off the apron into a superkick to Gulak is followed by a suicide dive from Tozawa. A running rolling senton off the apron to Gulak follows, capping off a hot sequence.

Gulak shows off his technique and aggression, draping Nese between the ropes and hitting a vertical suplex on Tozawa that slammed him right into the champ. Which leads directly to a mid-match adbreak, I’ll never stop hating them. I don’t care if we have picture-in-picture for it, it’s still terrible. When we come back, Nese pulls Tozawa off-Gulak mid-Octopus Stretch and front suplexes him right into him, very impressive power.

Gulak ends up cinching Nese into the Gulock and he looks trapped until Tozawa comes into frame with a back senton off the top rope, hitting Nese hard upon impact, breaking up the hold.  Big spot sees Nese in the tree of woe position as Gulak superplexes Tozawa above him, leading to Nese spider-ing his way to the top rope for a moonsault that ended up whiffing. Still Nese wrangled him up into a move not unlike Baretta’s Dudebuster, only for the pin to be broken up from a Shining Wizard from Tozawa. This earns a standing ovation from the otherwise quiet crowd, which is sweet to see.

Nese amps up the power game, Powerbombing Tozawa into one corner and later German Suplexing Gulak into another. Gulak tosses Nese from the ring, then hits a Torture Rack Neckbreaker on Tozawa for the pin and the win!

Winner and NEW WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Drew Gulak

I didn’t expect this at all, but Gulak has long been a deserving holder of this title and the match was a lot of fun. Rushed by necessity, hindering any selling, but they’re just fine working fast. Already 0-1 in my predictions for those keeping score, but hey, if there’s anything this show could use, it’ls a little unpredictability.

The main show is underway.

The slogan for tonight is “Kick ass and take names” and hearing Cole introduce the show that way kinda made my life. Becky Lynch’s music is the first to hit tonight as she makes her way out for her title defense.

Raw Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch (C) vs. Lacey Evans

For what it’s worth, relatively small though the crowd may be, they certainly came to see a show, there’s enthusiasm there. Chants for Becky, heat for Lacey. They take their time a bit, slow but decent work in the early going. Chant of “Lacey Sucks” as she begins to stall, only to take a baseball slide dropkick, got a nice reaction there.

Lacey takes the advantage, drags Becky over to the ringpost grinds her back against the post. Becky came out with her hair up tonight and this spot is why, Lacey using that ponytail as a handle there. Lacey starts wearing her down with mat moves as a chant of “You can’t wrestle” arises. Crowd sure letting her have it. From the corner, Becky turns a victory roll into a Dis-arm-her, though she can’t keep it on for long.

As she gets back into it and beats Becky down, Lacey takes a handkerchief to her armpits and tosses it down on the champ. But whilst she poses and builds more heat, Becky takes it up and shoves it into her mouth before bringing the fight to her.

Lacey with an interesting bottom rope springing stunner maneuver. But she opted to cover after a big boot rather than pin immediately, which seems like a mistake to me. Shortly after this, Becky pulled Lacey off from the top rope into a Dis-arm-her, and Lacey wastes no time tapping out.

Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch

A cool vignette for Ali plays, going into his inspirational, grassroots hero character. It shows him walking the streets, staring solemnly at people partaking in bad habits or otherwise being in trouble.

Backstage, Paul Heyman is caught coming out of Baron Corbin’s locker room by Charly Caruso. She interviews him to ask if he will in fact be the referee for tonight’s Universal Championship match, and also inquires as to whether or not Brock Lesnar will be here. He claims that’s not the question to ask, the important thing is that both world champions ARE here, again insinuating that he could cash in any night, before walking off. Baron comes out and claims that he doesn’t want a biased ref, he simply needs a competent one.

New Day vs. Sami and Kev up next.

New Day (Xavier Woods & Big E) vs. Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens

Owens surprises E with an immediate superkick to take him off the apron, then proceeds to hit several more superkicks in a row on Xavier, following up with a top rope senton for a 2 count. As Zayn heads off E from running in, Owens continues the abuse and hits a Bullfrog Splash for another nearfall. Quite the unexpectedly strong start for the heel team here.

Zayn and Owens get heat on Xavier, showing classic tag work by baiting E to try and get in so as to distract the ref and allow for blatant double teaming. Stomps in the corner aplenty. Xavier tries to chop his way out, but Sami locks him into a crossface. After he escapes, he’s dragged to the corner and Owens takes his turn beating him up. Enziguri for another hope spot, but they cut him off once more and Sami knocks E off the apron again for good measure.

After a significant period of some solid isolation, E finally gets tagged in and makes for a very effective house of fire. He tosses them both with belly-to-bellies, capped off with super high leaping running splash for a nearfall. After some beatdown, Xavier is tagged back in and he lifts Big E up on his shoulders – with some effort as he’s still hurt – for a big splash out of mid-air. They try for the Up Up Down Down, but Sami wiggles out of E’s shoulders and tosses him, before kicking Xavier out of mid-air.

Helluva Kick to Xavier, followed by a Pop-up Powerbomb, but E breaks up the pin at the very last second! This one’s good, y’all. Just to prove it’s a New Day PPV match, E gets his spear through the ropes off the apron to Sami. Woods goes up top to try to finish with his elbow drop, but Owens crotches him, and pulls him down for the Stunner, for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

I didn’t expect it purely because of how I interpreted their weird booking this past week, but can’t argue with the result at all. Owens and/or Zayn likely to be heading right back into the WWE title picture with this.

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss backstage. Nikki says the SmackDown’s Women’s Championship is too special for someone like Bayley. Alexa tells her it’s the two of them against the world tonight.

Ricochet out now and… how long has he had that weird sound effect added to his intro theme? Eh, got a solid reaction all things considered atleast.

WWE United States Championship: Samoa Joe (C) vs. Ricochet

Early on, Joe laying in some crisp shots, Ric selling each soundly. Ric brings the fight though and swiftly shows his athleticism with a headscissors and dropkick to take him out. Goes for the suicide dive, Joe walks off to avoid it, Ricochet adjusts to slide outside instead, but gets rammed into the apron for his troubles. Ricochet’s attempt to escape gets countered into a ruthless STO out of the corner, as solidly delivered as I’ve seen from Joe in a long time.

Ricochet can’t get out of the blocks for an extended period, as his every dogged attempt to get back into the swing of things is brought down with a single brutal shot. Gets a jawbreaker to get a little separation, but an elbow takes him down again. Joe pulls Ricochet off the ropes into a wicked sitout powerbomb. After yet more wearing down, Ricochet finally starts to get back into it, flip kicking off Joe’s chest a crisp enziguri.

Ric brings the speedy offense, including a Fosbury Flop to the floor and a lionsault on the inside, though it was a nearfall due to his injury-induced hesitation. Wicked snap powerslam from Joe cuts off his building momentum in a hurry though. Bone-crunching German Suplex brings Ricochet onto his head, and Joe swiftly follows up with a brutal lariat that turns him inside out.

Coquina Clutch applied, but Ricochet is able to escape by hotshotting Joe throat-first onto the top rope. He struggles up to the top himself… 630 attempt whiffs but he lands on his feet. As Joe rises, Ricochet hits the Codebreaker to take him down and goes up top again! 630! New US Champ!

Winner and NEW WWE United States Champion: Ricochet

Awesome stuff! That was a prediction I didn’t feel too confident on but I’m glad to be right!

Four matches in, and it’s honestly been real fun so far. Well-worked, seems much better produced tonight. Bouts aren’t particularly samey and have made a lot of psychological sense, and the talents have been allowed to show their stuff. Gave the show a lot of flack in it’s build and rightly so, but can’t knock how it’s gone so far at all.

Ricochet is applauded backstage by his peers. Otis says “I love you, Ricochet!” in such a hilarious voice, this guy’s charisma shows off in even the smallest of moments. Meanwhile even Triple H was there to give Ric his props. Heavy Machinery walk right off from this directly into their own title match.

SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Bryan & Rowan (C) vs. Heavy Machinery

Unsurprisingly, big pop for Bryan on his way out, sustained chants leading through his entrance and through the start of the match. Rowan starts, but Bryan gestures for him to come over… and tags in to start off himself! I suspected Bryan would play the cheap heel and just immediately tag right back into Rowan for some heat but no, he really is starting off. He squares up with Otis, whose every move makes me laugh, swear to God. Bryan meanwhile gets a response with his every leg kick here.

It really seems they’ve opted to just roll with the reaction on this one. Yes Kicks countered by a military press from Otis. Otis gets Bryan up for a delayed suplex, Tucker tags in and Otis slowly hands him to his partner, as Bryan remains fully vertical. Shades of Cobb and Elgin there. Tucker shows his deceptive athleticism, rolling to avoid shots. Bryan eventually gets away and tags in Rowan, who comes in quick with a crossbody to take Tucker down.

“Please Recycle!” chant breaks out and hey, can’t argue with that one. Rowan beats Tucker down a bit more then tags Bryan back in to an ovation. Rowan whips Bryan into a corner dropkick, then immediately follows with a clothesline of his own, decent teamwork. Bryan pulls Tucker into a surfboard position, but stops halfway and hits a double kneebreaker instead. I’m really not certain Bryan could even get someone his size and shape up for that anyway so, probably a good idea.

Now the chant is “Drive A Prius” and I gotta tell you, this crowd is lovely.

Otis makes a comeback to a round boos, but gets cut off when a low dropkick takes him to the turnbuckles, for a series of running corner dropkicks. However Otis eventually counters one with a Sit-Out Powerbomb, looked sweet. Bryan kicks out though and eventually gets him into the Yes Kicks again. But this time after hitting several, Otis effectively hulks out, standing and just eating the kicks. Before long, Otis grabs a roundhouse kick and hits an overhead exploder suplex.

Whether it’s getting the reaction they wanted or not, this is a hot one. Otis gets himself set… CATERPILLAR! Otis then catapults Bryan into a mid-air powerslam from Tucker, which Rowan barely manages to break up the pin on. Tucker amazingly goes for a moonsault on Bryan, and it looked pretty damn graceful too, aside from the fact that Bryan rolled out of the way, though Tucker’s legs still caught him.

Now we’re down to a heavy strikefest between Rowan and Otis which ends with Otis catching Rowan mid-crossbody with a front slam. But Bryan had blind tagged himself in without them realizing, and catches Otis from behind with a knee. Bryan was looking for a dive, but Tucker hit him to repel and incredibly followed up with a flying crossbody from the top to Rowan on the floor.

Unfortunately for him, when he came back in, it was to an inside cradle. Bryan & Rowan survive by the skin of their teeth.

Winners and STILL SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Daniel Bryan & Rowan

That… was way better than I’m betting anyone expected. I was already a fan of Heavy Machinery, but I had no idea they had that kind of match in them already. Awesome stuff.

Undoubtedly been a surprisingly good show so far, let’s see if this keeps up as we go into our second women’s title match.

SmackDown! Women’s Championship: Bayley (C) vs. Alexa Bliss

Bayley shows aggression early on, obviously pissed at Alexa, but eventually this leads her to being caught into a headlock. Story generally seems to be that Alexa’s staying low-risk and keeping her anger contained, as Bayley tries her damnedest to swing from underneath.Very physical here, as Alexa gets two solid punches in and Bayley responds with a couple of running knees.

Eventually, Alexa avoids Bayley’s signature corner slide beneath the ropes dropkick, grabs an arm and pulls her shoulderfirst into the pole, and takes over again from there. Suddenly during this fight, a wrestling match breaks out as a lengthy wristlock sequence from Alexa is turned into a deep Back Suplex from Bayley. A Sunset Flip  takes Alexa headfirst into the turnbuckle and she spills to the outside. Bayley then goes for a Suicide Dive, but Nikki pushes Alexa out of the way and takes it herself.

Bliss with a Code Red on the outside takes Bayley down on the floor. Alexa pulls her in and goes up top. Nikki rushes into the ring, angry at being hit by Bayley, causing a brief distraction. When Alexa goes for Twisted Bliss, Bayley gets the knees up. Bayley-to-Belly follows, and Bayley retains.

Winner and STILL SmackDown! Women’s Champion: Bayley

Probably the weakest so far but I do appreciate the attempt to make a real fight out of this. Finish could’ve come off a touch better but it also could’ve been a lot worse. I’m now 4-2 on predictions by the by.

FINALLY see a new Tapout ad, my God, it’s about time they replaced the one they’ve been using.

We see a recap of R-Truth losing the 24/7 title on SmackDown, only to regain it by crashing Drake Maverick’s wedding days later. The screenshot of the tweet from Maverick’s wife asking for a divorce got boos, so, they have his back it seems.

Backstage, Ricochet posing with his US title. Good Brothers come by and get involved with his photoshoot. AJ Styles walks up to him and congratulates him… before letting him know that he’ll be seeing him tomorrow night. Oooooh…

Reigns/McIntyre next and with how the show has gone, I’m actually pretty interested in seeing if this one lives up to it’s potential. Book it right and it could be an awesome hard-hitter… we’ll see.

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

As Roman makes his way out, Drew goes out to meet him on the ramp, but Roman brings the fight and throws him back in the ring. Bell rings as we’re already in a bit of a slugfest. Roman knocks Drew to the outside and goes over the top rope for his tope, the ‘Taker Dive’ as my friends like to call it, and man does he get some air on it, threatening to sail right past Drew. Thankfully, the Scotsman is a tall boy so he could manage to catch him.

Roman proceeds to chase Shane through the crowd, but when he jumps over the barrier, Drew’s ready to catch him in mid-air with a right hand. Drags him into the ring and starts beating him down from there. Shane with some cheap tactics, dragging him across the rope as Drew distracts the ref. High-pitched “Let’s Go Roman!” chant countered with a low pitched “Roman Sucks!”… that sure takes me back… leads into a “Shane Is Awful” chant from there, which seems more in unison.

As if on cue, another interference from Shane leads to a spinebuster from McIntyre. Lengthy wear down sequence here as Drew keeps Roman grounded in spite of his best efforts to fight back to his feet. Eventually Roman is able to catch him with a Samoan Drop, but is too beaten down to capitalize. Roman gains momentum with a flying clothesline, eventually bring him to the corner for a series of clubbing clotheslines. Gets cocked and loaded but Shane gets on the apron and ends up taking the Superman Punch instead. Roman leaves the ring and leaps off the steps for another one, putting Shane down, but Drew pursues him.

Drive-by Dropkick misses, and Drew counters by hooking his legs and hitting an Inverted Alabama Slam, dropping him chestfirst onto the announce table. This gets McIntyre the lead back and shortly after, he plants him with a huge superplex, for a nearfall. McIntyre nips up to his feet and sets up the Claymore. Roman cuts him off but eats a Glasgow Kiss headbutt for his trouble.

McIntyre proceeds to go up top, but gets caught by a mid-air Superman Punch for a nearfall. Roman sets up for the spear, Drew fights back, the slugfest continues, but Reigns eventually gets a shock spear in anyway. Ref goes down for the count, only for Shane to grab him by the leg and drag him out before the three! Shane attacks Roman, goes up top, and nails the Coast to Coast. Drew covers as Shane pulls the ref back in… Roman barely kicks out.

Once more, McIntyre’s looking for the Claymore… and once more it turns into a Superman Punch, lotta those this match. Shane runs in immediately but gets tossed, Reigns hits the ropes and hits another spear, for the pin and the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Okay, so pretty much classic Roman booking here. Worked solidly though, definitely had it’s highlights. I also appreciate that Roman never kicked out of the Claymore.

Cage time!

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship: Kofi Kingston (C) vs. Dolph Ziggler

Per the ring announcement, this one is escape only. Actually the commentators seemed to contradict that, maybe I heard it wrong, they certainly think pins and submissions still count so let’s assume they do. Fun spot at the start where Ziggler looks for a superkick and Kofi with a Trouble In Paradise, but neither land. Dropkick straight to the face from Ziggler is the first big shot of the night and already he’s trying to walk from the cage. Kofi catches him, Ziggler gets him with a catapult, but Kofi clings to the steel to avoid any damage.

After a bit more back and forth, Ziggler is able to toss Kofi roughly into the cage wall, and takes the advantage as he’s wounded. Ziggler beats on him for a bit as Kofi does his best to fight back, eventually manages to spring off the middle rope for a dropkick. Kofi tries to get a head of steam going but Ziggler tosses him and again he hits the cage hard, genuinely bouncing off the impact.

Ziggler sets up a Fameasser, but Kofi gives him some of his own medicine, tossing him strongly into the cage and causing him to hit it hard. Kofi proceeds to go up top and climb the cage, but Ziggler catches him. He eventually pulls him down to the top rope and follows him up there as they fight up top. After a struggle, Kofi slams Ziggler’s head against the cage until he falls. Kofi could’ve climbed out, but instead leaped down to spring off the ropes for a twisting crossbody. This earns a narrow nearfall.

Kofi climbs up once more, and this time Ziggler is able to pull him down to the mat, and climbs up himself. Kofi manages to cut him off before he escapes though, and the two end up dangling at the top together, as Kofi prevents him from falling to the floor. The two proceed to go down to the top rope together, and a simultaneous headbutt brings them both to the mat. A trade of strikes from there leads to the SOS for a 2 count.

Kofi goes up top, misses a move and tweaks his leg off the landing. Ziggler swiftly takes advantage, catching his leg and DDT’ing it into the mat. Ziggler gets in an ankle lock to wear him down. Kofi grabs the ropes… then the cage, and impressively pulls himself up the steel. He escapes, but gets caught with a Superkick… which nearly sends him right out of the door, much to Ziggler’s panic! He prevents it though and again has the wounded right leg. He pulls him back in and has a grapevine in now, looking for the submission.

The champ tries to fight out and goes for a Trouble In Paradise, but Ziggler catches the leg and gets him down into yet another ankle lock. But then Kofi rolls out and picks the leg himself! Dolph kicks him away though, and nails the Zig Zag! Kofi juuuuuust barely kicks out, one of the closest of the night! Once again they both go for a superkick and Trouble In Paradise, this time with their legs getting tangled.

Kofi wrestles him to the floor, Dolph tries to back his way out of the cage as Kofi has him in a reverse chinlock. Eventually he pulls him back in for a suplex, but Ziggler gets out of it and looks to crawl right out. Kofi grabs him, gets a solid double boot to the face to push him away. Ziggler tries to crawl out… but then Kofi leaps between the ropes, suicide diving himself right to the floor to escape!

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Kofi Kingston

Solid, unspectacular for the most part, and the crowd was about as quiet as they’ve been all night. That said, definitely up there with the best escape finishes of all time. And it was a steel cage match without any interference! It’s a Christmas miracle!

After the match, Kofi is interviewed on the stage and reiterates his respect for Ziggler. But he lets the world know he made good on his promise to walk out as WWE Champion.

Backstage, we catch up with Drew, who is favoring his ribs. He’s interviewed and says he’ll be damned if he lets Roman get the last laugh. Shane goes ahead and books a 2-on-1 handicap match for Raw tomorrow night.

Only one match left for tonight…

WWE Universal Championship: Seth Rollins (C) vs. Baron Corbin (Special Guest Referee: Lacey Evans)

Baron with his usual elongated ring introduction. Thought he was asking him to introduce the special guest ref for a bit there. The intro certainly gets some good heat on this occasion. Rollins out with a chair, shades of La Parka! Now Baron with the mic… who’s it gonna be? Is it perhaps… no one?! We’ll find out…

Just as he’s about to introduce him, Rollins cuts him off and lets him know that whoever it is, if they’re coming out to screw him out of his title, they’ll get the same treatment as everyone else. Baron then introduces… Lacey Evans. This Becky/Rollins relationship they’ve been bringing up is about to get real relevant… and Seth can’t hit her with a chair!

With Lacey’s help, Baron gets the chair away from Rollins and hits several licks before she decides to take it away. He proceeds to toss Rollins around outside. As Baron cuts off Rollins’ comeback, chants of “This Is Stupid!”, “Daniel Bryan” and “AEW!” litter the arena. And it slowly dawns on me that Baron may well win here, as Lacey now desperately needs to get a big one over on Becky to further their feud after losing clean two straight PPV matches. Also “CM Punk” and “Boring” chants.

Baron with a lengthy beatdown, but Rollins comes back with a suicide dive, followed by a springboard knee. But the ensuing cover of course comes with an extremely slow count. The crowd now starts up a “Becky” chant, begging for her to come out and resolve this in some way. Meanwhile Baron’s able to get back into it with a punch mid-springboard. But then Rollins takes the advantage in a big way, when a Sunset Flip Powerbomb off the apron ends up taking him right through the announce table! Shocked that it broke, honestly.

From there, Lacey performs the world’s slowest count out, before deciding to tell the ring announcer that there are no longer any count-outs in this match. So Seth drags Baron into the ring instead and goes for the Curbstomp. Baron avoids it, then hits him to deny the Suicide Dive. Rollins goes for another anyway, which Baron counters into a chokeslam onto the apron, then another in the ring for a nearfall.

They’re honestly trying but man getting the crowd back into this one is a challenge. Once again, Baron ends up with the chair and starts waylaying Rollins with it as Lacey just ignores it. After a short conversation with Baron, she goes over to the ring announcer and declares that this is now No DQ and that’s about the dumbest thing she could’ve done as we were already ignoring DQ offenses anyway. But now this opens up the door for interference, which the crowd immediately picks up on with a loud “Becky” chant.

Rollins with a Falcon Arrow and Lacey just doesn’t go down for the pin at all this time. Which is a shame, because nobody kicks out of the Falcon Arrow! Seth finally gets into Lacey’s face and gets a slap for his trouble. He demands another and receives it. She knocks him into Baron, who distracts Rollins long enough for her to get him a low blow. Baron nails End of Days… just as Becky finally makes her way out!

She assaults Lacey and ends up hitting an Exploder Bexplex into the barrier on her! Now a regular official takes her place, much to the crowd’s enjoyment. It’s John Cone in fact, the same ref Baron was pissed at before in the first place. Baron goes for another End of Days, Rollins escapes, superkick, curbstomp, this one’s over.

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Seth Rollins

Man, for a second there I really thought they were gonna be that ridiculous. I mean it was still ridiculous, but… nothing could be more ridiculous than Baron holding the Universal title.

The couple celebrates together, sitting like loverbirds on the apron before holding their arms up on the stage. And we fade to black.

Well. The first half of that show was certainly a lot better than the second. Mostly good stuff but it is only gonna be remembered for how it ended there and uh, yeah. Not riding on the best momentum here.

That’s it for us tonight. I hope you’ve enjoyed keeping up with this show with us. See you at the next one, and stay tuned for an official review of this event from The Overtimer, coming soon!

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