WWE Stomping Grounds In the Aftermath Of Super Showdown – Is WWE Trending In the Right Direction With AEW On the Rise?

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WWE Stomping Grounds In the Aftermath Of Super Showdown - Is WWE Trending In the Right Direction With AEW On the Rise?

The Undertaker beat Bill Goldberg by pinfall

The most anticipated match of the night just happened to be the match of a lifetime for many fans as these two phenoms squared off.

Goldberg’s entrance was his typical straight forward style as his music started, and after a minute, he exited his dressing room to the roar of the fans.

The Undertaker’s was as awe-inspiring as any we’d witnessed previously as the pageantry and special effects were on full display.


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Once in the ring, the two wasted no time in staring one another down. Goldberg broke the tense moment by mocking the Undertaker’s throat cutting gesture, which resulted in the Undertaker throwing the first right of the night. Goldberg then hit him with two spears and went for the pin, but the Undertaker kicked out.

Once on his feet, ‘Taker attempted a chokeslam, but Goldberg countered it into a leg bar that forced the Undertaker to reach the ropes to break.

Goldberg pressed his advantage, but the Undertaker sidestepped a spear attempt and Goldberg hit the ring post, splitting his head open and knocking him loopy for the remainder of the match. To his credit, Goldberg wrestled through it, but he was limited.

The Undertaker then executed an Old School, a chokeslam, and finally a Tombstone piledriver for a pin attempt (accidentally driving Goldberg’s head into the mat), but Goldberg kicked out, leaving the Undertaker shaken.

Goldberg then countered an Undertaker charge with a third spear, followed by a jackhammer. The Undertaker kicked out once again, and after exchanging blows, Goldberg tried to Tombstone the Undertaker, but ‘Taker struggled out of it and chokeslamed him for the pin.

Afterwards, Undertaker remained in the ring to celebrate his victory with his customary kneel.

Other Super Showdown Matches

Universal Championship Match: Seth Rollins (c) beat Baron Corbin by pinfall/Brock Lesner doesn’t Cash In

Despite Corbin controlling a majority of the match, it’ll most likely be better known for how he lost. After Rollins repeatedly kicked out, Corbin continued screaming at the referee until the official yelled back at him, allowing Rollins to roll Corbin up for the pin.

Thoroughly pissed, Corbin then hit Rollins with an End of Days, to which Lesner came out with Paul Heyman.

After Heyman tripped, distracting Lesner, Rollins took the chair Lesner brought into the ring and beat him with it before stomping Lesner on the MITB suitcase and leaving him. No cash in yet.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Finn Balor (as the Demon) (c) beat Andrade by pinfall

In what was easily the best match of the night (Triple H and Randy Orton was a close second and arguably as good), the two exchanged counters like they were going out of style, and Andrade nearly had the win a couple of times before Balor hit with a DDT off the top rope, then a double stomp for the pin.

The Demon remains undefeated.

Shane McMahon (with Drew McIntyre in his corner) beat Roman Reigns by pinfall

This was a better match than expected as Shane and Reigns worked well together, going back and forth, attack for attack. Reigns even displayed his power by lifting Shane up and powerbombing him to break a triangle choke.

McIntyre eventually got into things and hit Reigns with a Claymore while Shane had the referee distracted, then Shane pinned Reigns for the win.

3 on 1 Handicap Tag Match: Lars Sullivan beat the Lucha House Party by disqualification

The Lucha House party came ready to fight, and took it to Sullivan early and often. However, once Sullivan took control and climbed to the top rope, the two members not in the ring attacked him, causing him to fall and earning themselves a disqualification. They then triple teamed him with two holding him down while the third hit splash after splash from the top rope.

As they left the ring, Sullivan leveled them once again.

Randy Orton beat Triple H by pinfall

This was a classic in many ways as both displayed classic styles that didn’t rely on the high-flying styles that have become prevalent in the sport. It was as refreshing as steady, giving us a glimpse into what has recently felt like a bygone era.

Once again, counters were the name of the day as the Superstars’ familiarity didn’t allow much room to maneuver, though I have to admit to laughing a bit too loud when Orton grabbed Triple H by the beard for a clothesline.

After exchanging finishers and kickouts, Triple H thought Orton was down and out and thus walked into an RKO and the pin.

24/7 Championship Recap: Jindar Mahal beat R-Thruth (c)by pinfall, R-Truth beat Jinder Mahal (c) by pinfall.

We were shown the brief reign of Jindar Mahal as he pinned R-Truth before the plan left for Saudi Arabia to claim the 24/7 title, then R-Truth, in R-Truth fashion, pinning him while in his seat to take back his title. R-Truth then locked himself in the restroom after leading the other Superstars on a merry chase through the airplane.

Braun Strowman beat Bobby Lashley by pinfall

Lashley controlled the early part of the match with his impressive array of wrestling holds, but Strowman’s strength eventually won out as he countered Lashley going to the top rope with a slam, then another, and finally his power slam for the pin.

WWE Championship Match: Kofi Kingston (c) beat Dolph Ziggler by pinfall

A fun match full of athleticism and dirty play came to an end when Xavier Woods hit Ziggler with a kick to the head while the referee’s back was turned, and Ziggler stumbled into a Trouble in Paradise for the pin.

50 Man Battle Royal

Battle royals are always fun, and this one didn’t disappoint as the WWE set a record for the number of contestants.

It didn’t take long for Superstars to be sent over the top rope (seconds, to be honest) to make room for more traditional wrestling and brawls to begin.

One of the highlights had the AOP, Viking Warriors, and Heavy Machinery in a three-way face off, that resulted in the AOP being eliminated.

Another was Titus initially hiding under the ring before he slipped in to eliminate a handful of Superstars before he was tossed out.

The final two came down to Elias and Manzoor. After barely holding onto the top rope to keep from being eliminated, Manzoor backdropped Elias out of the ring to win the battle royal.

The crowd, of course, went insane as Manzoor is from Saudi Arabia and wants to be a role model for others wanting to dream big. Whatever the thoughts on who should’ve won, the look on his face made it all worthwhile. It was truly an awesome moment for him, and it was just as awesome to watch.

Final Thoughts

While there were a couple of questionable matches or outcomes, this was an entertaining pay-per-view. The main event was lacking, but honestly, it was what was realistically expected between two retired wrestlers. Plus, it was really cool to see them in action one more time.

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