WWE Smackdown Live Results: What’s Next For the WWE Championship & Kofi Kingston?

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WWE Smackdown Live Results: What's Next For the WWE Championship & Kofi Kingston?

Smackdown Live starts off sandwiched between video recaps of Ziggler’s attack on Kingston and Owen’s betrayal of Kingston, Owens cut a promo before his match with Kingston. He wasted no time in denying attacking Big E backstage last week, citing, “He sweats profusely all the time, so he probably had sweat in his eyes… or maybe he was firing off one of his hilarious Big-E tweets and he got distracted. The bottom line is I am a good person and I would never do something like that.”

WWE Smackdown Live: Fans serenaded him with “You suck!” chants, but he pushed through.

Owens did say he could be blamed for the pain Xavier Woods has been in for weeks, or for Dolph Ziggler beating Kingston for the championship at Super Showdown. Of course, he pointed out that Ziggler can thank him in person when Owens takes the belt from him.

Kingston’s entrance interrupted Owen’s rant. Once in the ring, Kingston told Owens to “stop lying” and saying he would soften him up. “Tonight is the night you pay for all these things, Kevin.”

Kofi Kingston beat Kevin Owens by pinfall

Kingston started it out with a dropkick, but Owens hit him with a big boot and an ensuing brawl began.

After hitting Owens outside with a suicide dive, Kingston went for an SOS, but Owens countered with an attempted stunner, which Kingston counted with an SOS for the two count.

After pushing Kingston off the top rope and outside the ring, Owens waited for him, and when Kingston finally got back inside, Owens threw him outside two more times before going for the pin. Kingston kicked out at two.

Kingston barely broke the countout following an Owens’ frogsplash outside the ring, then barely kicked out after another frogsplash.

After counting a superplex by Kingston with a pair if headbuts, Owens hit him with a senton bomb, but Kingston kicked out again.

Kingston countered a popup powerbomb with a Trouble in Paradise for the pin.

While this wasn’t a bad match, there seems to be something missing between these two. The athleticism is there, but it feels like they’re struggling to put a complete match together. There was no way Kingston would lose, Owens being laid out with a single move just felt rushed.

R-Truth is in the House

The saga of the 24/7 title continues as R-Truth explains to Carmella, “Do you know how hard it is to get a cavity filled while people are trying to pin you?”

Taking the opportunity to hide, Carmella hopped on his back and he ran down the hallway and into a room. Drake Maverick appeared from around the corner and started hanging his R-Truth Wanted posters on the wall. He even put on of the door where Truth and Carmella hid, but as he continued on, they snuck out and headed the opposite way.

It’s no secret they’re really pushing this title, and while these segments are entertaining, one can’t help but wonder how long can they keep this up? They’re following the formula they used with the Hardcore title twenty years ago to a T, so it also brings to mind if R-Truth is this title’s version of Crash Holly who constantly ran for his life, or will he turn into Hardcore Holly and defend the title with gusto?

Should be interesting to see his development. So far, he’s done well with it.

“The New” Daniel Bryan and Rowan Make Friends

The interview started off simple enough as Bryan said, “The WWE tag team division is a joke.”

Rowan followed it up with a knock knock joke where Smackdown tag team division who? was the punch line.

Of course, Bryan and Rowen aren’t jokes. They have a purpose by dedicating their lives to save the planet while the “fat” fans ate the creatures of this planet. “We are the Smackdown and Earth’s tag team champions.”

When Bryan mentioned the people of Oklahoma are worse than anybody. I swear, I could hear JR (Jim Ross) do his old bit at that.

It was pointed out there were some teams that wanted to challenge them, and when Bryan asked who they would be, Otis and Tucker (Heavy Machinery) came out.

An official ran out and Bryan and Rowan accepted Heavy Machinery’s challenge… for another time. It’s safe to say we have another match for Super Showdown?

Plot twist. It appears the Usos are out of the picture just like that. Guess they have their hands full with The Revival.

Shameless Promotion

Is there anything better than some good old fashioned promoting? Not judging by Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose as they hounded their fellow wrestlers backstage with the newest copies of Muscle and Fitnesswhere they happen to be on the cover. Seeing the Iiconics’ faces when they were handed copies was a interesting and could possibly lead to a rivalry?

They then approached Amber Moon and informed her, “Spoiler alert: everyone dies at the end,” when she told them she was reading the Strange case ofDoctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde.They then dropped their remaining magazines on her and walked off.

Mandy Rose beat Carmella by pinfall

Carmella responded with having Rose’s magazine cover shoved in her face by knocking Rose down.

After a brief exchange, Rose hit Carmella with a high knee for a near pin, and following Deville distracting Carmella, Rose rolled her up for the pin.

While the match wasn’t the best, and tactical reasoning aside, it was a cool move not having R-Truth with Carmella so she could have the spotlight for a bit.

Speaking of R-Truth…

The Quest Continues

R-Truth was backstage, on the lookout for any potential threats when Jinder Mahal jumping him and tried to roll him up for the pin. Truth kicked out, beat of Mahal some before shoving him through an exit door.

Truth then hid in a photo booth as the B-Team, Matt Hardy, and members of 205 Live ran by. He came out as Drake Maverick turned the corner and the two collided. Being the person he is, Truth helped gather the wanted posters before he realized what they were. The two locked eyes, and Truth took off.

In our next chapter, will R-Truth’s luck finally run out?

Aleister Black is Back

After not hearing his thoughts last week, he started with a deep thought, then went off track with, “Look, I get it. I get it. You are simply waiting for me to throw out a name, to pick a fight with someone. Anyone. But there lies our conundrum. See, I am sitting here waiting patiently for someone, anybody, to pick a fight with me.”

His look at the end really sold it and him. It’s going to be so much fun when someone does pick a fight with him. Who’s it going to be, boys? You know you want to start something. Just saying.

Shane McMahon Appreciation Night

By now, we know nothing good comes from Shane McMahon in the ring with Drew McIntyre and Elias flanking him, especially on a self-appreciation night.

Gotta give credit where it’s due. The video department put together an awesome video showing some of his physical exploits that rival other Superstars.

Shane then called out Roman Reigns for hitting his father once again, then said, “At Super Showdown, I’m not just going to beat you, I’m going to beat some respect into you.”

24/7 Championship Match: R-Truth (c) beat Drake Maverick by pinfall

Thankfully, R-Truth interrupted Elias’ homage song to Shane by entering the ring with Maverick and an official. Holding the belt up, Truth dropped it, then hit Maverick with a Truth or Consequences for the pin.

While celebrating, McIntyre, who was behind Truth, removed his trench coat. Here we go again…

24/7 Championship Match: Elias beat R-Truth (c) by pinfall

During his victory dance, R-Truth turned around and froze at seeing Shane’s bewildered and irritated expression.

A quick beatdown ensued as Elias hit him with a Drift Away, McIntyre hit him with a Claymore, and Elias pinned him.

This was a curious move that at the time seemed to be a way of legitimizing the championship, and it did that partially, but also to push R-Truth. More on that later in Final Thoughts.

Shane Sets a Match

In the aftermath with R-Truth on the mat, Shane decided Elias and McIntyre would team up against “Whatever’s left of you and, let me think of someone; who would be good? Oh, Roman Reigns.” He also suspended the 24/7 rules until after the match.

Evans and Flair, a Perfect Match

A promo where Lynch was called out for not being able to beat Flair at MITB, then they turned their attention to taking the title away from Bayley.

Bayley beat Lacey Evans by pinfall

Having Charlotte Flair at the announcer’s table hinted at bad things to come for Bayley, but she spent more time defending the “unfairness” of losing her title through the MITB contract.

During the verbal battle, Evans controlled most of the match, using old-school tactics and holds to grind down Bayley, but Bayley managed to sneak in a couple of pin attempts, but Evans kicked out each time.

During a brief exchange outside the ring, Bayley hit Flair, then retreated into the ring where Evans rolled her up. Unfortunately for Evans, Flair kept the referee busy long enough that Bayley kicked out on one.

Bayley then rolled Evans up for the pin before slipping out of the ring when Flair entered. Bayley held her belt up to taunt Flair, and Flair held the ropes open inviting her back in, but Bayley was too smart for that.

Evans, not liking Flair costing her the match, attacked Flair, who then leveled Evans before the officials got involved. So much for that alliance.

Andrade Responds to Finn Balor’s MITB Injuries

In a prerecorded piece from the WWE Network, Balor talked about the abuse he took being powerbombed, chokeslammed, and suplexed into ladders and how the doctors thought it best if he didn’t perform that night because of his injuries.

Andrade responded in a loving way. “Hey, Amigo. You didn’t just get powerbombed on a ladder. I powerbombed you on a ladder. You want to fight me at Super Showdown? Papa, you will find your inner demon when you step up to Andrade.”

Roman Reigns and R-Truth beat Elias and Drew McIntyre by pinfall

While enroute to the ring, a beaten up R-Truth was attacked by Elias and McIntyre on the ramp. Reigns came to R-Truth’s aid, taking out both Elias and McIntyre.

After absorbing punishment from Elias and McIntyre, Reigns tagged in R-Truth, and Truth took the fight to them before a Glasgow Kiss knocked him out of the ring and McIntyre slammed him onto the ring apron.

R-Truth spent most of the match being worked over, but with a couple of sidesteps, he managed to stay alive and tag in Reigns.

McIntyre tried to interfere with a Superman Punch on Elias and took one himself instead, then missed with a Claymore outside the ring when Reigns had a hold of Shane.

Shane ran off with McIntyre and Reigns hit Elias with a spear for the pin.

24/7 Championship Match: R-Truth beat Elias (c) by pinfall

After the match, the rules of the 24/7 Championship were back in place, and Reigns speared Elias again and motioned for R-Truth to pin him.

R-Truth crawled over and covered Elias to win back his championship and both men celebrated.

Final Thoughts

This was, once again, a far better show than Raw with both storytelling and matches. The cool thing about this one was it revolved around R-Truth. While there may be some hemming and hawing about him, I’ve become a huge fan. I think he’s done a great job selling the 24/7 (still hate that name, though) Championship and held his own in the main event much as The Miz did on Raw.

It’s going to be interesting and fun to see what’s in store for us going forward.

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