WWE Raw Recap: What Happens Next?

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WWE Raw Recap: What Happens Next?

WWE Raw recap starts off with Roman Reigns heading to the ring allegedly for his 6-man tag team match, stood outside the ring for a few seconds as if waiting for something, then climbed in the ring and watched the titantron for a moment before shaking his head and standing there, again waiting for…

Shane McMahon to come out.

We were off to a flying start already.

Of course, Shane demanded a proper introduction, then turned his attention to Reigns and promoted their match this Friday (June 7) at Super Showdown.

Shane teased going Coast to Coast, then slapping on his triangle choke to make Reigns tap out. He hinted that he wouldn’t release Reigns since he doesn’t have to (He’s the boss, after all)

To his credit, Reigns told hm to shut up and pointed out Shane needs help with him, and after he finishes Shane at Super Showdown, then he’d take out Drew McIntyre at Stomping Ground in two weeks.

Drew McIntyre took offense at that, and… never mind, he took offense at Texas not showing him and Shane proper respect. Good thing his priorities are straight, right?

McIntyre promised to take care of Reigns at Stomping Grounds, then said he didn’t need his partners, he’d take care of him there. The Revival then jumped Reigns from behind, and Shane and McIntyre headed to the ring to dish out some of their own punishment. We probably should’ve seen this coming since Reigns was teaming with his cousins, the Usos, for the first match of the night.

Care to take odds on who came out to help Reigns?

The Usos didn’t waste any time in coming to Reigns’ aid, clearing the ring prior to the match officially starting.

6-Man Tag Team Match: Drew McIntyre and The Revival beats Roman Reigns and the Usos by pinfall

McIntyre and the Revival controlled the temp early, wearing down Jimmy Uso, including an impressive belly-to-belly suplex by McIntyre that nearly got the pin before Reigns interrupted it as Jimmy kicked out.

A quick exchange as McIntyre countered a Superman Punch with a Glasgow kiss, Jey Uso tagged in behind McIntyre’s back, then when on the top rope to finish McIntyre, he was knocked off by Shane when the referee was distracted.

Reigns spent most of the match pre-occupied with Shane and it cost him as McIntyre caught him with a Claymore while he had a hold of Shane. McIntyre then hit Jey Uso with another Claymore for the pin.

After the match, The Revival threw Reigns into the ring and hit him with a Shatter Machine. Shane then held him up for McIntyre to hit him with a second claymore, then after taunting Reigns, Shane speared Reigns and mocked him.

Overall a decent match that felt more like they were polishing their moves before this week’s pay-per-view than not. Isn’t that what house shows are for? The theatrics afterwards helped push Shane and Reigns’ rivalry, so that should be an interesting match this Friday. Oh, and McIntyre will be in Shane’s corner. Shocking, right?

Miz TV with Seth Rollins

After a brief homage to Mathew McConaughey who was in the audience, The Miz introduced Seth Rollins.

The Miz got right to the point by asking about the elephant in the room, and asked Rollins what’s going through his mind about Brock Lesner cashing in his Money in the Bank contract that night.

“First off, you’re assuming Brock Lesner is actually going to show up tonight, which means you’re assuming Paul Heyman is telling the truth… I’ll believe it when I see it.”


Rollins admitted he would be relieved if Lesner cashed in his contract that night, because he can’t focus on what may be, but on what is. He’s playing right into Heyman’s plans, so it’s probably a safe bet Heyman will find a way around his promise.

Lesner and Heyman arrived in the garage and Rollins remained in the ring, waiting.

Lesner paused at the entrance to the ring, then turned down another way, making Rollins wait a little longer.

Lucha House Party and Sullivan confrontation

Having dubbed themselves the Lucha Avengers, citing what they hoped to accomplish in their 3 on 1 handicap match at Super Showdown.

Their tag team watch was interrupted as Lars Sullivan came out instead of their opponents.

Sullivan was jumped by all three as he entered the ring, then threw them off and to the outside. Callisto caught him with a kick, then jumped into a clothesline. A series of drop kicks, including a triple one, sent Sullivan out of the ring but Sullivan stayed on his feet.

Pretty consistent with the last couple of showings where the Lucha House Party fought off Sullivan. This felt a little bland, though. They’re selling it hardcore, but the fans just aren’t biting.

Bonding Away

Backstage, Mikki Cross didn’t look too happy, and the Iiconics wasted no time in going after her height (a miniature pound puppy) and how she backed the wrong dog (mutt, in their words) by teaming with Becky Lynch.

They added some barking to emphasize their point, but stopped when Alexa Bliss interrupted. “Don’t you two have a bloomin’ onion to eat or something?”

After hearing the Iiconics have a match against Cross that will, of course, be “Iiconic,” Bliss invited her coffee, then came clean about hot Cross had grown close to Lynch over the last couple of weeks and how it’s no secret Lynch hates he, but Cross doubled down on her not caring what Bliss did in the past as “you’ve been nothing but kind to me since before anyone realized I’d arrived here. We’re friends.”

To her credit, Bliss appreciated the sentiment and offered to be in her corner during her match.

Three’s a Crowd

Becky Lynch took to the ring where she informed us that after sixty-three days in which she achieved her dreams, she went home and realized she’s become content. “Contentment is the worst thing that can happen to a fighter like me.”

She listed what happens to content fighters from being injured to losing, then said how she’s still pissed at Lacey Evans for costing her the Smackdown title at MITB.

Lacey Evans interrupted her, saying Lynch is like a dog chasing a car.

In the midst of Evans’ promo, during which she took a mild shot at Charlotte Flair, Flair came out to complete the triangle.

Oh, how fast the worm has turned.

“You’re strutting out here like a peacock because you’re a daddy’s girl that needs attention.”

Flair pointed out she was more than halfway to beating her “Daddy’s sixteen World Heavyweight Championship record.” Gotta give her credit, she’s definitely earned them.

Lynch sat back and watched the two trade barbs, then a Woman’s Right, before an official came out for what was an impromptu match. Lynch then left the ring after looking bored, and we’re off!

Lacey Evans beat Charlotte Flair by disqualification

In what was little more than a brawl, Charlotte took the fight to Evans, throwing punches, using front face locks, and even throwing her outside early on. Lynch seemed to enjoy herself as she trash talked Evans until she got back into the ring.

After a double missed cross body block by both that them Evans and Flair writing in pain, Lynch pulled Flair out of the ring, causing Evans to lose by disqualification.

Lynch then attacked Evans, hitting her with a Man-Handled Slam.

This was a bad match that was another house show match that made it to primetime somehow. Aside from some acrobatic moves by Evans, the action was half speed and sluggish, like they were feeling each to her out and trying not to get hurt before Lynch jumped in. What really sucks about this is both Flair and Evans are capable of so much more.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Mysterio pointed out how wrestling was in his blood, and that his son Dominic is training to be a wrestler.

As he was about to give up his championship, Samoa Joe came out. “I was in the back and heard the word champion and thought it was my cue.”

After saying he’d won championships throughout his career, Mysterio relinquished the United States Championship to Samoa Joe.

Samoa Joe waited until Mysterio was in the ropes to leave to attack and lock Mysterio in Coquino Clutch before he left holding his belt up high.

Arm Wrestling Match: Braun Strowman beat Bobby Lashley

Nothing is ever simple. Lashley started it off by slapping Strowman and knocking the table over. Once it was set up again, Lashley slipped out and they chalked up.

After a few back and forths, Strowman won, then Lashley blinded him by throwing chalk in his face and powerslammed him.

(Prerecorded on Youtube.com) 24/7 Championship: Jinder Mahal beat R-Truth by pinfall; R-Truth beat Jinder Mahal by pinfall

A nice pleasant day on the golf course turned chaotic as Mahal attacked R-Truth from behind and pinned him, but as Carmella argued with Mahal, R-Truth rolled him up for a quick pin to get back his title.

Carmella then took off in the golf cart with R-Truth hanging on the back

The Adventure Continues…

We now find our heroine, Carmella, searching for R-Truth backstage at Raw, searching dumpsters and anywhere R-Truth could be hiding.

As her search continues, Drake maverick and others slowly stalk her. Will she find R-Truth first, and will she lead them to him and end his reign as champion?

Tune in next episode for the continuing adventures of R-Truth,

Nikki Cross beat Peyton Royce by pinfall

Royce dominated the match early, using various submission holds to grind Cross down, but she showed some frustration at not being able to put Cross away.

Cross turned the momentum after fighting her way out and bulldogging Royce for a near pinfall.

A brief disruption occurred when someone brought Bliss a cup of coffee (this is an awesome running joke on Bliss’ Instagram @Alexa_Bliss_WWE_). Both Iiconics gave Bliss grief for having it at ringside, and Royce kicked the cup out of her hand, spilling it on the mats outside the ring. Bliss took a swipe at her and missed, and Billie Kay dumped Bliss on the coffee, staining her white pants.

Cross took advantage, countering a suplex by Royce by turning it into her Cross-Over (Swinging Fisherman neckbreaker) for the pin.

This was a better match the Evans and Flair as billing Cross as a brawler that can take a lot of punishment continues.

Additional Note: They didn’t show this on TV, but Bliss shared it on her Instagram with the caption, “No one makes me spill my coffee”. Following the match after Cross helped her up, and irate Bliss jumped in the ring, dropkicked Kay from behind as she tended to her partner, then hit her with a DDT.

This was a great bit for her and hopefully she’ll be back in the ring soon.

Losing His Cool

Rollins came to the ring mainly to call out Lesner for messing with him, and Lesner’s music played, interrupting Rollins in mid-sentence.

Rollins went on to say everyone was tired of Lesner’s games and how he used to be one of the most feared people on Earth. Rollins dared him to come out and cash in the contract.

Instead of the Beast, “Mr. Former” Baron Corbin came out and informed Rollins he needed to forget about Lesner and worry about him. Corbin dubbed himself “The Dreamcrusher.” A pretty cool nickname.

“I’m they guy that retired Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, and I have no problems retiring your ass (Whoops! PG slipped a little there. Come on, Attitude Era 2.0), too!”

Rollins lost it and attacked Corbin. After exchanging blows, Rollins knocked Corbin out of the ring and Lesner’s music started again.

Rollins turned back to the stage entrance, and Corbin hit him from behind with an End of Days.

With Rollins down and out, Lesner came out to the ring with a steel chair and referee in tow.

A low blow, a few hits with the chair, a suplex, and an F-5 outside the ring to inflict maximum damage before cashing in the contract.

Heyman begged Lesner to cash it in, but Lesner told him to wait until Friday (Called it the last week or so. Wonder if Lesner will be foiled as predicted. Guess we’ll find out.)

Rollins was taken out on a stretcher with his girlfriend, Becky Lynch, at his side as he was put on an ambulance.

Firefly Funhouse

“the Following is a very special episode of Firefly Funhouse.”

Wyatt started out serious, saying, “I have something super serious to talk to you about.” Throws off his shirt and said, “Exercise!”

We were introduced to a new character, Huskus the Pig Boy, as he was eating chocolate. Wyatt took the chocolate away and explained how the gluttony would come back to “bite you in the tail one day.” There was even a touching moment when Wyatt told him there would be a time when someone “will call you a genius and you’ll have the whole world in your hands.” Wyatt then winked at the camera.

A demonic Vince McMahon doll entered the house and said they’d better get their act together, to which Wyatt introduced us to the muscleman dance. A brief flicker to the darker imagery we’ve grown accustomed to appeared in the middle of the video.

After stating they were ready for a night on the town, Wyatt closed with, “See what happens when you trust me. Remember, all you have to do is let me in.”

This remains the best skit on Raw (or Smackdown) by far. It’s unpredictability like this episode that was cute and fun makes it a must see event. Can’t wait to see how Wyatt transitions to the ring, though maybe it’ll be better if he doesn’t? This is just too awesome to stop.

Triple H and Randy Orton Face Off

In the only televised promo that wasn’t a video package, Triple H and Randy Orton gave a final promo push for their match at Super Showdown.

To start off, Triple H headed to the ring and managed a handful of words before mentioning Randy Orton, which led to Orton coming out.

As an announcer said, “The Legend Killer has turned into a Legend!”

Once in the ring, Triple H said it best, “Look here’s the thing. You and I both know what these segments are about. Face to face. It’s about drumming up interest in a fight. The hope I they’ll say some horrible stuff about each other and even physicality will break out.”

Triple H said they’ve said everything there was to say to one another. Guess that’s why there hasn’t been rhyme or reason to their match appearing on the Super Showdown card a few weeks back along with… well, we’ll come to that.

Triple H mentioned how he once said under pressure, Orton would become a diamond. He even said he was one of the best in the business, but no one’s ever put him down and “Randy, trust me, you are not the one.”

To which, Orton replied, “Can you promise me one thing? Can you promise me that Friday, before you step into the ring with me, that you retrieve your balls from Stephanie’s purse?”

That’s it, folks, Orton won the insult award for the night as he, Triple H, and the fans laughed at that one before Triple H turned back to face him and played along.

Imagine how much more entertaining Raw would’ve been had these two been building for this match for the last month?

Corbin Celebrates

Backstage, Corbin stated how he was grateful for Lesner sending Rollins out in an ambulance and how he would be the next Universal champion. He’s going to have to deal with Lesner one way or another, so is celebrating really the smart thing to do?

Did you know?

“Last week, RAW was the most social show on all of TV — beating The bachelorette on ABC, MLB Baseball on ESPN, and the Stanley Cup Final on NBC!” – Nielsen Social Guide.

Not even going to touch this one.

Ricochet beat Cesaro by pinfall

Cesaro continued working on Rocochet’s back by catching him in a leap frog and turning it into a backbreaker for a near fall.

A series of suicide dive, moonsault, and huricarana helped Ricochet to gain the upper hand, and he nearly got a pin with a sunset flip.

A series of impressive moves displaying Ricochet’s flexibility and Cesaro’s strength had them countering one another, starting with Rocochet hand-standing on the apron and hooking his legs around Cesaro’s head. This lead to Cesaro eventually gaining the upper hand with a Texas Swing, uppercut, and near pinfall.

A countered huricarana gave Ricochet a rollup pin.

Continuing their rivalry and great matches, this matchup didn’t disappoint. While they continue using their regular moves, they spice it up by tweaking their routines and adding new elements each time. This was the match of the night, and they definitely deserve main event status in the near future if not now. This could easily be the rivalry going forward and that’s going to be an awesome ride.

Lost and Found

After the match, Cesaro knocked Ricochet out, then pulled a ladder and a tabled surprise out from under the ring.

R-Truth was laying on the table under the ring all night, and Cesaro was dumbfounded at finding him, giving Ricochet a chance to knock him into the crowd.

Carmella ran to Truth’s side, but as they were going to head backstage, the locker room emptied. They managed to corral R-Truth outside the ring and started pulling him in every direction. Alexander suicide dove over the top rope, taking out everybody but R-Truth, who slipped into the ring to celebrate.

Drake Maverick, who has led the search for Truth the last few weeks, came up behind him, ready to reclaim the title when Truth turned around, but Carmella knocked him out with a superkick before they retreated to the fans and the chase continued.

The Undertaker Returns

There was something so awesome about hearing the Undertaker’s music again, and I’m sure we all got goosebumps at his entrance.

“Do you ever wonder what happens when you come face to face with Death? Does the sky grow dark? Does the ground begin to rip open at your feet or do you choke at the stench of the souls that are already gone? Goldberg…this Friday, you will get the answers to all those questions, but when I stand across the ring (from you) for the very first time, I don’t want the family man smiling as his wife and son look up, beaming with joy. I want the unstoppable, mythical icon!

“Goldberg! I promise you. I promise you this. If you bring anything less, our first match will be your last. I will open the gates of Hell and unleash an inhumane level of brutality for which you have never felt. When The Reaper beckons, you answer his call. I will claim your soul for all of eternity. Goldberg, you’re next!”

That about covers it, don’t you think?

Final Thoughts

While a far better Raw than last week, having matches that were on the level of dark matches remains inexcusable. The worst was Charlotte Flair’s attempted shoulder block on Lacey Evans through the ropes. She practically walked into the ropes to keep from going outside, then waited for Evans to hit her. Seriously.

While there were misses, there were plenty of hits, too. The Legends did what they do, and while I’m not a fan of their matches (Undertaker-Goldberg and Triple H-Orton smell like desperation) simply to gain viewers, it’s awesome to see three out of the four in the ring again. There was simply a different level and vibe they brought with them that’s missing from the current crop, harkening back to the 80s and 90s’ eras, and hopefully, they’ll continue storyline-wise or it’ll give the company a boost from top to bottom.

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