Are Primo & Epico Colon Finished With WWE?


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Are Primo & Epico Colon Finished With WWE?

The underrated dynamic duo of Primo & Epico Colon have not been seen on WWE TV in nearly a year having last shown up on TV in the preshow of 2018’s Survivor Series, could they be finished with the company? Many don’t even realize they are still with the company at this point.

Not Even At A Local Live Event

Primo & Epico were hardly ever a fixture on TV, but they were reliable hands to fill out a card for WWE Live Events, but WWE recently ran a show in San Juan, Puerto Rico and they were not booked for that show. They aren’t even on live events in a region where they are partically wrestling royality, this would be like WWE running a show in North Carolina with The Hardys on their roster, and them neither of them showing up.

Bargainning Chips

It has long been assumed that their employeement with WWE had sme extra motives, that of WWE wanting the tape collection from WWC (World Wrestling Council), which they received in 2018 from owner and matriarch of the Colon family, Carlos Colon. With WWE having accquired the rights to this library, they really didn’t have much need for Epico & Primo anymore, despite their tag team scenes being thin in 2018.

Their Legacy

During their time in WWE, Primo & Epico won the WWE Tag Team Championship once together as a team. Primo had also won the World Tag Team and WWE Tag Team Championship with his brother Carlito. Many in the company loved working with them, as they are fantastic wrestlers, able to make just about anyone look like stars, as well as being very safe to work with. Their run as Los Matadores with El Torato might be my favorite part of their career in WWE personally, as I feel that gimmick injected some much needed character into the rather bland tag team.

Outside of WWE, they’ve really made their name in WWC promotion in their native Puerto Rico, especially recently when Primo is the WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship, their top title (which his dad and company owner Carlos Colon has held 26 times). They will have jobs for life there, so long as the company exists.

Regardless if they exist in WWE any longer, or will remain in Puerto Rico, atleast they helped give us WeeLC. For that alone, we should all thank these two, and wish them the best of luck on whatever is in their future.

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