WWE Monday Night Raw Spoilers (November 11) – Randy Orton Turns Face – Lana Pregnant, Is Bobby Lashley or Rusev the Father?

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The internet is a fun little place at times, especially when it comes to spoilers. Currently, there are a couple of Raw Spoilers floating around for this week’s Raw.

This first is one that’s been around since before the draft, so it’s possible it’s legitimate.

Randy Orton will turn face

This will be an interesting one since Randy Orton was born to play a heel and has spent a majority, if not all, of his career as one.

The possible reasons for this are abundant, with the most popular, and hopeful one fan-wise, is to feud with Seth Rollins.

Raw Spoilers

This would be a dream come true to many fans including me, as these two working off each other could be something special. Who knows, maybe Randy Orton can get Seth Rollins to skip his early stomp BS long enough to have an engaging match?

Of course, this means that Set Rollins will have to turn heel, and Vince McMahon has emphatically stated that’s not going to happen. But maybe he lied to us?

Another reason could be that Seth Rollins will recreate Steve Austin’s turning on the WWE at Survivor Series and go NXT. That would leave a void at the top of the face food chain, so it’d make sense for WWE creative to turn to one of their most trusted veterans. The fact Randy Orton recently signed a five year contract extension and may want to appear as a good guy for his daughter may play a part in this.

Cross your fingers on this one, folks. With any luck, we’ll be in for a fun ride with this one.

The second is… well… it’s painful. In fact, I’ll quote Randy Orton with an emphatic, “Stupid!”

What is it? Well…

Pregnancy Angle

Oh yes. It appears they’re reinventing the often botched and/or painful angle for the second time in a few months (Remember the Danny and Maria Kanellis alleged punnishment storyline? Yeah.)

This time, they’re reportedly introducing it into an already tired and horrible storyline: the Rusev, Bobby Lashley, and Lana storyline.

Reportedly, Lana will announce she’s nine weeks preganant. The kicker is, she’s only been with Bobby Lashley for seven weeks. This means Rusev is the alleged father. Whomp whomp.

While this should, in theory, inject some entertainment into the maligned storyline, it’s doubtful, but you never know. It could work out to be a great piece and we’ll remember it until they recycle the arc in another couple of months.

To be honest, I’m wondering what Rusev did to piss the higher-ups off. He’s a talented wrestler and just signed a contract, so it’s reasonable to think he didn’t ruffle feathers already.

As Raw spoilers go, this is one we could probably have lived without. More than that, it speaks to how bad this weeks Raw could be. Is it wrong to hope these are just internet rumors? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Here’s to hoping it works out better than it has in the past and we get an entertaining story out of it.

Though, the Orton one looks to be far more interesting. Just to see how he turns face is worth the time to watch it.

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