Why You Should Be Listening To Gorilla Position

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Why You Should Be Listening To Gorilla Position

The world of wrestling podcasts is a very saturated market in this current climate. It seems that no other sport can claim to have the vast selection of listening options that wrestling does. But, my current favourite has always been Gorilla Position.

The UK-based podcast is hosted by James Delow and features regular guests such as Ash Rose, Skillet and Matt Davies-Adams. The biggest drawing point is that it is a podcast made by fans for the fans. It has gone on to achieve such cult status that they have been able to headline shows at London’s 02 Indigo, which houses over 2,000 people.

Attracts The Biggest Names

Gorilla Position is just coming off the back of its biggest show, as they hosted a night that wrestling fans could only dream of. It was jam-packed of activities and stalls for superfans to enjoy before you would take to your seats and be treated to a unique insight into the world of wrestling.

The hosts are the stars of the show, as their chemistry is off the charts. You will feel more like you are sitting in a bar, overhearing a conversation between friends. The show this week also has special guests that only this podcast could attract to London on their days off.

Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins were in attendance for an honest discussion about their careers to this point, and what they have planned for the next couple of years. There were also WWE UK superstars in attendance in the form of Trent Seven and Tyler Bate.

Delow Is The Heartbeat

Delow has enjoyed a brilliant relationship with the WWE, which means that he is able to attract the biggest names to the podcasts. He was recently pictured at WWE Headquarters where he was given an insight into upcoming programmes on the Network.

The podcast had been centred around the PPV events up until the past year, where the decision was made for an episode to be released weekly; as was the case in the past. The demand for Gorilla Position has never been as great as it is now, and Delow and the team knew that they needed to deliver, and they did.

It is the best podcast available to wrestling fans because the fans make it. The Steve Austin Podcast and the Edge and Christian Show are good at giving insights, but what makes wrestling great is the comradery you get with friends as you make dream bookings for future WrestleMania’s.

Gorilla Position is unique in the way that it hits all the right notes. You get the superstar interviews, while also enjoying the chat that comes before and after weekly television. If you aren’t listening already- get downloading.

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