WWE SmackDown Live Recap & Results (12/6/2019)

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WWE SmackDown Live Recap & Results (12/6/2019)

Jordan Huie of the Overtimer here to give you the live play-by-play for tonight’s edition of WWE SmackDown!

The Miz opens the show after a recap of last week’s attack on Daniel Bryan plays. Says he was meant to host an edition of MizTV with Daniel Bryan as his guest but that won’t happen after the Fiend’s attack last week, as he’s all but disappeared. Says he knows Daniel Bryan, they’ve never been friends and probably never will be, but he knows how important he is to SmackDown. Says last week we saw the real Daniel Bryan again when the Yes Movement was brought back, only for him to be taken down by the Fiend… says he can’t believe he’s saying this but he cares, and he’ll get to the bottom of this and find out where he is.

Firefly Funhouse theme plays and Bray taunts Miz for snooping around. Says he doesn’t wanna know where Daniel Bryan is, he might still be with “him”… says he want him to play with him again at TLC but doesn’t think he’ll be there. He asks Miz if he’d play with him instead! Miz doesn’t want to play, says Bryan is part of the WWE family. Bray seems intrigued by the word family. Mentions how he used to have a family of his own. Wyatt Family image – including Daniel Bryan! – flashes up. Bray then holds up a picture of Miz, Maryse and their two babies for a veiled threat. Big heat and Miz is pissed, storms down the ramp as we go to commercial.

Backstage Miz is talking to Maryse. He says it’s just a picture but tells her to lock the door and set the alarm regardless. He has to do something about this, has no choice. Says we don’t know what he’s capable of, but he’s going home right now. Tells her he loves her too and hangs up.

Ah good, Alexa Bliss’ nightmare head 3D graphic is back…

Alexa Bliss vs. Mandy Rose

Lock-up, Alexa with the takedown. Rose arm drags her. Warns her not to touch her face. Rose bails, Alexa pursues, eats a pump kick to the face. Throws her into the ring, cover for 2. Rose with an arm wringer and a yank of the hair. Mandy rips out a false eyelash, stomps on it to much heat. Alexa with body blows, Rose nails her in the face, throws her to the ropes, she bounces off into a dropkick. Cover but Mandy’s foot was under the bottom rope. Bliss with a roll-up for 2. Mandy with body shots. Yells at her how she will never look like her, just keeps shoving her face. Alexa with a goozle?! Into an STO variant. Blocks a shot, right hand to the face, basement dropkick. Bliss stands on her back and stomps her head into the mat! Alex with her double knee drops but before the moonsault, Sonya distracts her, ’til Nikki takes her down. Rose with a roll-up, but Alexa kicks out. Bliss with a Float-over DDT, Mandy took it a little early. Alexa with a Twisted Bliss for the win!

Winner: Alexa Bliss

Eyelash aside, that was just kinda there.

Backstage, Drake Maverick asks Dana Brooke about her dinner date with Batista. He’s feeling rejected, claiming the two of them had something last week. Asks what Dave Batista has that he doesn’t. There was audible laughter from the crowd there. Elias interrupts again and says when words fail us, a song can provide the answer. Starts a-strumming, explaining Batista is a millionaire, plus he’s tall. Drake has better chances getting lucky with a blow-up doll. Notes he has marriage issues, only thing he ever consummated with was lotion and tissues. Claims his wife woke up in Elias’ bed! Drake slaps him and walks off. Dana asks if that really happened, Elias says no, but something’s about to.

After the break, Drake says no one makes a mockery of him, his marriage or his beautiful wife. He’s calling Elias out not for a match, but a fight! Elias indeed emerges with Dana by his side. Drake charges, Elias holds him by the head to avoid his blows. Lets him fall against the mat. Drake charges but Elias just sidesteps him. Grabs him off the mat with ease. Puts him over his knee and and starts to spank him, much to Dana’s enjoyment. As Maverick starts to get up, Elias punts him in the ass, sending him out of the ring. Elias pursues him and chases him out of the ring… Dana Brooke throws him back inside! Kick to the gut, and Drift Away, that’s that. Elias invites Dana into the ring. She puts a foot to Maverick’s chest and Elias counts three. And Dana’s theme actually hits, why not.

Backstage, Miz is WALKING! He gets to a dark corridor. Camera pans and we see the photo of Miz’s family but now Bray is in his place, holding one of his children. Hears “Say Cheese” and turns around right into a Sister Abigail. Bray cackles and lays the photo on him, sings “There’s no place like home for the holidays…”

After a break, Miz is being helped to his feet. Asks where Bray is and where the photo is, but they’re gone.

Tribute To The Troops stuff plays.

And now, a sudden fatal four way tag team elimination match.

Mustafa Ali & Shorty G vs. Lucha House Party vs. The Revival vs. Heavy Machinery

Metalik and G start us off. I’m not sure if “Lucha House Party rules” are in effect or not, they really did not bother to explain. G with a drop toe hold, arm wringer. Tag to Ali, comes in with a double footstomp to the arm. Metalik counters with a wristlock, Ali turns it into a side headlock. Shoots him to the ropes, flips over him, Metalik does the same, arm drag exchange. Single leg, Metalik shoves him away. Ali hits the ropes, flying headscissors – but Metalik flips onto his feet! Lince and Tucker tagging in, Tucker rolls over him, simultaneous standing dropkick! They slap hands, but in the Revival come to try and attack them, only to get dropkicked! Tucker grabs Lince and uses him as a weapon to kick away the Revival and Ali & G. Lince with a sudden stunner, Otis tags in, but gets dumped? Stereo Asai Moonsault from Lucha House Party takes them all down! Lince gets taken onto the floor with a Brainbuster, I guess Metalik tagged in because a springboard crossbody was caught by Otis and this was turned into the Compactor. Lucha House Party eliminated.

Commercial break. Dawson rips Otis to the floor and slam him into a barrier during commercial. Revival trying to double team Tucker, Dash tags in Shorty G who immediately gets steamrolled and Dawson tags in to get taken down too. Otis comes back into the ring, series of clotheslines, spinning body slam! Charge, Dawson with a boot out of the corner. He tries to attack Otis only for him to shake it off! Starts the pelvic thrusts! Otis with an Exploder Suplex! Avalanche to Dawson in the corner! CATERPILLAR! But Dash tags in, sunset flip – can’t get it, until Dawson kicks Otis in the face to finish it off, Otis covered for the 3! Heavy Machinery are eliminated.

G and Ali enter the ring to confront Dash & Dawson. Revival huddle for a moment… then both teams charge for fists! Ali and G pursue them to the outside but Revival get in some wicked chops! They then get in the face of New Day – who are doing commentary at ringside – only for G and Ali to toss them into the champs! Kofi and E aren’t pleased, stand up to scream at Ali and G as we go to commercial. We come back to see Dawson holding G in a Gory Special, until G counters into a sunset flip, Dawson kicks out, takes him down. Tag to Dash, who intercepts G from tagging to Ali, but G suddenly gets a double German Suplex on both men! Ali tags in, G with another German off an Ali superkick, Ali jackknives but Dawson breaks it up! Ali with a WWE Headkick out of the corner, Ali rolls in for the X-Factor but eats a huge lariat that flips him! Back elbow out of the corner, Ali springs off the middle rope right into a snap powerslam for a nearfall!

Dash hooks Ali for a suplex, he escapes behind him, gets a roll-up, off the kick out Ali springs from the second rope into a huge Tornado DDT! Wants the 450 but Dawson pulls Dash out of the ring! G tags in, Ali with a dive but Revival catch him and send him into the crowd! G off the apron though gets a big cannonball on both men! Back in the ring, G gets an ankle lock in on Dash! But it’s broke up when Dawson nails him with an uppercut, Dawson tags in, Shatter Machine and that is that!

Winners: The Revival

Feels like we’ve been to this well a whole lot of times, but I can’t complain about seeing New Day vs. Revival again, always fun stuff. After the match, Revival get on the mic and say no more games or gimmicks, no longer will they disrespect the tag team championships. It’s a new day no more, we’re taking it back to the old days! They’re gonna take them down the way they know best, with old school, old fashioned wrestling! Says they can do more complaining on their podcast and talk about what it was like to be beaten by the best tag team in the world today, The Revival!

Backstage Roman says it’ll be him that embarrasses Baron Corbin at TLC, whether it’s with a table, ladder or a chair.

Sheamus with a vignette to again call everyone soft.

Lacey Evans vs. Hailey Jones

Lacey with an arm drag. Lacey holds fast off an irish whip attempt – Women’s Right gets the victory.

Winner: Lacey Evans

As Lacey is starting to make her leave, Sasha Banks emerges. Sasha demands that she stay in there because they have some business to take care of. Commercial break.

We come back to see Sasha berating Lacey as she verrrrrry slowly enters the ring. Sasha calls herself the blueprint, the standard, the legit boss and the leader of this women’s division. Calls Lacey pathetic, a Mary Poppins wannabe. Calls her a terrible role model to her bratty little six-year-old. Lacey cuts her off to tell her to never speak about her daughter again. There’s a theme to this episode… Lacey points out that she isn’t just a mother, she’s a United States Marine and trust me, you don’t want her to put those boots back on. Rails on her and Bayley for blaming everyone else for their failures. Chant for “Lacey”. Says working with the Marines instilled leadership in her and taught her a little thing about fighting too so if she gets in here, she will drop her where she stands. Sasha indeed slips into the ring to square up with her, only for Lacey to tease a Women’s Right and cause Sasha to dart back onto her backside. Lacey’s name is chanted again as she just makes her leave.

But just as she gets up to the stage, Bayley rushes out to attack her from behind! Sasha runs down to kick her in the face as well. They stand tall.

It’s now official. The Miz vs. Bray Wyatt at TLC.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Roman Reigns

Roman gets Ziggler into a side headlock, broken in the ropes. Dolph with a shot to the face, spinning neckbreaker for a 2 count. Half Nelson and chinlock. Roman in the corner, Ziggler charges, right into an uppercut. Ziggler bails, Roman pursues, Ziggler drives him into the steps as we go to commercial. We come back to see Ziggler hit a standing dropkick in the middle of the ring. Kicks. Chinlock. For a long while. After a few years Roman back elbows his way out, big clothesline, takes him over the top rope. Roman leaves the ring, charges around for a Superman Punch off the steps but Ziggler superkicks him out of the air and then King Corbin’s music hits. He gets carted out.

After a commercial break, Roman blocks a superkick, goes for a Superman Punch but it’s dodged, superkick for a nearfall. Ziggler wants a Zig Zag, Roman avoids it, goes for the Spear, turned into a sunset flip for a nearfall, Superman Punch gets a nearfall. Ziggler evades Roman, he rams his shoulder into the post, bounces off into the Zig Zag for a nearfall. I didn’t even blink at it, last time the two wrestled on SmackDown he hit one of those on the floor and then the second one got a nearfall. I’d have been bewildered if hitting it this time got the win. Corbin onto the apron, Roman with a Superman Punch takes him to the floor, Dolph rolls him up for a nearfall, immediate Spear gets the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

That was… a lot more boring than it should’ve been really. Not a bad match but it feels like they had about five minutes of stuff stretched to ten minutes for whatever reason.

Afterwards, Roman with a drive-by to Corbin. Then Corbin’s royal security force assaults him. Taken into the ring, Roman fights back and nails every one of them, until Corbin attacks from behind. He throws Roman to the floor. Posts him. From under the ring someone grabs Roman’s leg, Corbin tries to take advantage but gets dumped over the announce table. Roman is pissed once more, strips the announce table bare. Roman wants to powerbomb Baron through the table but Ziggler superkicks him to the floor. Dolph then takes out handcuffs. He wants to cuff him to the post, Roman fights him and the security off, but Baron joins in and with a huge hang gang attack, he’s finally cuffed to it. Baron now just pouring in body shots. Boos rain down as Corbin and Ziggler assault him with cheap shots. They then uh, just shower him in dog food. Great.

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