Andrade def. Rey Mysterio | WWE Monday Night Raw Results (1/20/2020)

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A vignette plays hyping up the oncoming ladder match between Rey Mysterio and Andrade with the WWE United States Championship on the line! And out Rey comes for his match! This bout is of course a long time coming. Rey and Andrade’s issues are pretty well documented.

As we wait for the match, we see Rollins, Murphy and AOP backstage reeling from the attack. Rollins says they’re challenging the Viking Raiders for the Raw tag team tiles tonight! It’ll be Rollins and Murphy going after the gold!

Ladder Match for the WWE United States Championship: Andrade (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

Big fight intro before the match, really trying to sell this as a significant title bout. Both men swiftly roll from the ring to get a ladder but Mysterio was just baiting Andrade – baseball slide dropkick! Runs from the apron and leaps at him only for his opponent to catch him! He slings him brutally into the barricade! Takes the ladder into the ring and throws Rey inside as well! Takes Rey up onto the top rope. Wants a superplex onto a ladder! Rey escapes though, spins around – SUPER RANA LANDS ANDRADE HEADFIRST ON THE LADDER! YIKES! Commercial break.

We come back with Rey fighting out of a whip that was meant to slam him into a corner leaned ladder. Rey reverses, Andrade sends him to the other corner, charges, Rey evades and sends him to the floor! Goes up top! West Coast Pop from the turnbuckle post and it seems to slam Andrade against the barricade! Rey Mysterio takes him into the ring, leg kicks. Springboard West Coast Pop! Springboard moonsault but Andrade catches him! Rey slips from him, Andrade has to stop himself short from being whipped into the ladder but a dropkick slams him into the steel! The ladder hilariously slowly falls and Rey has to avoid being crushed!

Rey bails, gets another ladder! This is the third ladder in the ring now. Brutal basement dropkick rams the ladder into Andrade, taking him to the floor! Rey sets up the newest ladder and it’s one of the real tall ones! Rey begins to climb… but Andrade stops him! Mysterio leaps off onto him but he catches him, beautiful vertical suplex, keeps hold for the second one, and the third amigo slams Rey right onto a ladder! These boys goin’ hard!

Andrade setting up a ladder platform now.

Rey fights out in the corner, they both go up top… Rey wants another super rana but Andrade catches him! Hoists him up, FLYING POWERBOMB INTO THE HUNG LADDER! Jesus Christ! No holding back at all, commercial break! These guys are killing each other here! We come back and there’s two platforms now, set up in each corner! Andrade gets Rey up in an avalanche, but Rey counters with a rana that posts him and sends him to the floor! Mysterio climbs up the ladder in the center of the ring! Andrade slips back in… climbs from the other side! Big shot stops Rey. Fighting atop the ladder now! Andrade slams Rey’s face into the steel. Tries for a Gory Bomb!!! REY COUNTERS INTO A SUNSET FLIP BOMB AND BOTH MEN CRASH INTO THE LADDER! Absolute devastation!!

This is already very likely to be the craziest Raw match of the year. Rey with a dropkick takes him to the middle rope! 619 sends him exploding across the ring! Crowd is going nuts as they feel a win coming! Rey climbs! Andrade slips in but Rey has the gold… no, Andrade moves the ladder! Rey is dangling! Andrade grabbing for his feet! Yanks him down but Mysterio with a rana out of the air, lands on the back of his head though and is stumbling! Rey with a back body drop takes his opponent over the top rope! Rey starts to climb but Zelina Vega climbs the other side! Sits atop the ladder to block Rey. Slap to the face of Rey! This buys Andrade the time to clip Rey from behind.


Holy Shit chant and this is very correct! Andrade slowly climbing up the ladder, Rey is absolutely motionless! Andrade pulls down the US title for a narrow victory!

Winner: Andrade

Good God almighty, these two were bound and determined to have a legendary match and I dare say they succeeded! What a blowoff that was! Hope they’re okay, they both took some absolutely vile bumps here.

Afterwards, Zelina pulls off the mat covering the floor! Andrade throws Rey out of the ring! Sets him up for a Hammerlock DDT onto the cement! But a fan in a Rey mask jumps the barrier… pulls the mask off and it’s Humberto Carrillo! He runs the heels off!

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