Becky Lynch def. Kairi Sane | WWE Monday Night Raw Results (1/20/2020)


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Charlotte Flair backstage to proclaim that she will win the Women’s Royal Rumble match and Becky Lynch happens to walk by during this segment. This foreshadows Becky making her way out afterwards! Brief commercial break later and she’s in the ring. Chant of her name. Says the Man has come around to Kansas! Tells Asuka that last week, she did her a favor. When she spat mist in her eyes she saw things more clear than ever. Making Asuka should be the one who is afraid of her, maybe that’s why the sneak attacks occurred and that’s why Kairi is her opponent tonight in her stead.

Becky Lynch says that while Asuka did beat her last year, who really won in the end? Lynch was the one who went on to make history while Asuka went on YouTube to make soup. Sane comes out for that match now!

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch vs. Kairi Sane (Non-title)

Kairi mocks Becky, smacking her own ass. Becky with a straight right hand knocks Kairi outside! Baseball slide dropkick takes Kairi into the barrier! Becky pursues but Asuka comes up to distract her. Becky forces her to back up but Kairi clips her from behind! Kairi rolls into the ring to distract the ref, Kairi nails Becky in the back of the leg with her title! Commercial break. We come back to see Kairi put Becky in a Straitjacket Lock! Asuka sits atop the ringpost, legs crossed, just watching. Becky fights to her feet, takedown breaks the hold but Kairi with an axe kick to the head of Becky. Hits the ropes – Dropkick stops her! Kairi and Becky slug it out on their way up!

Kairi with several shots but Becky retaliates, clothesline lays her out, and a second one! Third is ducked but sets up for a flying forearm instead! Charge but Kairi evades. Back body drop takes Kairi to the apron but she knocks Becky away. Up top, crossbody gets a nearfall! Spinning Back Fist ducked but Becky with a Spinning Kick! Exploder, goes up for a second leg drop. Becky with the Dis-Arm-Her but Kairi escapes before the pressure is applied, turns this into a cradle for a nearfall! Becky with a kick to the gut, suplex attempted but Kairi turns this into a mid-air DDT for a nearfall! Both women fight to their feet, Kairi charges, Lynch takes her to the apron, facefirst to the pad, kick to the face. Double Axe Handle to Kairi. Becky knocks Asuka to the floor! Bexploder takes out Kairi, thrust kick to the face, Dis-arm-her for the win!

Winner: Becky Lynch

Zero time to celebrate as Asuka assaults Becky and puts her in the Asukalock.

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