Brock Lesnar Low Blows Ricochet | WWE Monday Night Raw Results (1/20/2020)

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This post covers both the Aleister Black squash and the Brock Lesnar segment. MLK vignette plays, celebrating Martin Luther King day. It seems like a particularly comprehensive one, very nice. Actually an MLK chant there, pretty cool. Now Aleister Black’s music hitting. Comes out with his usual silly creaking noise. He’s got a match here tonight, let’s see who it’s against! It looks like a local talent.

Aleister Black vs. A Guy

The guy charges aaaaand Black Mass.

Winner: Aleister Black

Talking up Aleister a fair bit as one of the Rumble favorites. He is still undefeated after all and is believably someone that none of the other 29 men want to face off with.

And speaking of the Rumble, Brock Lesnar’s appearance is being advertised up next! We also see a shot of Drew McIntyre backstage preparing for his match with Randy Orton later on tonight and the previously promised WWE Raw Tag Team title match has also been made official.

Lesnar making his way out now with Paul Heyman in tow!

We get a recap of R-Truth’s segment with Lesnar last week and i’m very happy about that. Heyman introduces himself as he tends to. He says that the entire WWE Universe takes what Lesnar does for granted. Paul comes out here and delivers a spoiler and Brock delivers what is usually the impossible and everyone says of course he did it, he’s Brock Lesnar! Heyman talks about how Lesnar is entering the Rumble match first at #1 and will win and everybody says “Of course he will, he’s Brock Lesnar!” Heyman gives a needlessly lengthy explanation of how a Rumble match operates. It continues until only one man is left and that man will be Brock.

Heyman reiterates how his client has deemed that there is not one person in that locker room worthy of main eventing WrestleMania or any other pay-per-view against Lesnar. He then calls people out for booing Lesnar even though not many were, but once he mentions it there’s significantly more heat! Asks if they really believe that there is anyone in WWE or anywhere else that is worthy of stepping in the ring with Brock! Asks them to name one.

Ricochet’s music hits!

He comes out and says the words just spew from Paul’s mouth week after week. Ric says some people are actually afraid to step into the ring with Lesnar. But the word afraid is not really in his vocabulary. Heyman says he’ll expand his vocabulary, calls Lesnar a hungry champion and Ric lunchmeat. Warns him to get out of here. But Ricochet is staying put, says that Mania main event is worth fighting for. He’s not afraid to step into that ring with him. Slowly but surely he enters the ring. Challenges Brock to a fight right here and now!

Lesnar and Heyman wave this off, Ricochet asks Brock if he’s scared! Lesnar slowly walks back in… kick below the belt! Lesnar takes up a mic and says he’s not scared before making his leave.

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