Could Andrade Join Seth Rollins and His New Faction?

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Seth Rollins has become a dangerous man on Monday Night RAW. With Authors of Pain and Buddy Murphy at his back, the self proclaimed ‘Monday Night Messiah’ is seeking maximum control. While someone like Brock Lesnar will always work alone (Paul Heyman is around, but he isn’t exactly helping in matches), there is another champion who they could recruit to their ranks. This is the United States Champion, Andrade. While he is proving to be fine working simply with his business manager Zelina Vega, everyone could use a little bit more backup at times.

Andrade Has Recently Teamed With Authors Of Pain At A WWE Live Event

At the WWE New Year’s Revolution Supershow in Corbin, Kentucky, USA, fans would see Andrade team with Authors of Pain to face the trio of Kevin Owens, Rey Mysterio, and Samoa Joe. WWE will often test things out at their live events before bringing them to TV. While Andrade & Rey Mysterio were feuding at the time, Mysterio also has issues with Authors Of Pain after they alongside Seth Rollins beat him down. The feuds intersect well, and while it is hard to find good footage of live events, I imagine Andrade would work well alongside The Authors Of Pain. He would certainly fit the well dressed vibe that the new faction has.

Humberto Carrillo Is Next On Andrade’s Radar

Following defeating Rey Mysterio in a ladder match, he was ambushed by one of his rivals in Humberto Carrillo. He managed to slip away, but he was caught off guard in that moment. Zelina might be able to help guide him to victory, she is not exactly an enforcer. With Andrade making more and more enemies within the company, he might need backup. Maybe if Humberto beats Andrade in a non-title match, Seth and his goons will surround the ring in a manner similar to The Shield, deliver a beatdown to Humberto and extend a hand to Andrade. This would incorporate the United States Championship into their ground, leaving only the WWE Championship outside of their grasp. Thankfully Seth Rollins is an expert on how to slay the beast, so if he can get a shot at Brock Lesnar, they will have complete control.

Do you think Andrade could fit into this new unnamed faction lead by Seth Rollins? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below, and stay tuned for more WWE news, rumors and speculation on The Overtimer.


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