Lacey Evans def. Bayley | WWE SmackDown Results


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WWE Friday Night SmackDown is underway folks and we just saw the conclusion of Lacey Evans vs. Bayley! My name is Jordan Huie and you are at the! As always, I’ll be here with you all night to give you the live recap and results from the show as they come. 

The bout between Sasha Banks and Lacey Evans was meant to happen last week, but ended up being cancelled. Sasha supposedly had another last-minute booking to deal with and so had to miss out on the match, an apparent head game from Sasha and Bayley. Lacey has had issues with the twosome for several weeks now, stemming from them mocking her family, particularly her daughter.

They tried again this week, with Lacey and Sasha being advertised to compete for real this time. Buuuut it didn’t come to pass! And honestly that was probably the easiest prediction to make but hey, wasn’t really the name of the game. So instead Bayley ended up taking Sasha’s place in a non-title match!

You can see an excerpt of my recap of this match below:

We come back to see Bayley with shoulder thrusts in the corner! Backwards roll, mocking pose, charge, Lacey with a drop toe hold takes Bayley to the second rope! Wants the Springing Bronco again, Bayley escapes to the floor but is kicked away. Lacey forces her back in, but Bayley with a Draping Spinning Neckbreaker! Rains down punches. Bayley with a Second Rope Spinning Back Elbow for a nearfall! More Lacey chants, Bayley up top, wants a splash but Lacey rolls out of the way! Charges, Bayley with a hot shot, hits the ropes… WOMAN’S RIGHT! Lacey with the win!

Winner: Lacey Evans

So Evans picks up the win in a non title match over the champ. One can only assume she’ll be getting that title match sooner rather than later now.

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