R-Truth Now Holds The Record For The Most Title Reigns With One Title In WWE History

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Last night at the New Years Eve celebrations at Times Square in New York, R-Truth made history. He traded the 24/7 Title with Mojo Rawley (who in doing so won his first title in WWE, congrats Mojo), and has entered his 30th reign with the title. This seems like business as usual, but it pushed him well over the edge and into a category all of his own.

R-Truth now stands above the previous record holder, Raven who held the Hardcore championship 27 times. Others who come close are Stevie Richards & Crash Holly, who held the Hardcore Championship 22 times, and Bradshaw who held it 18 times. The only person on the roster who stands to break R-Truths record is Charlotte Flair, as she continues to win and drop Womens titles at a rapid pace.

The 24/7 Championship: Is It Time To Stop, Or Just Time For R-Truth To Move On?

The 24/7 Title has almost played it’s course now. Especially now that we don’t have Carmella & Drake Maverick involved, people are starting to get sick of R-Truth being the constant champion. While he is comedic gold, they should give some others some shine. Especially now that we don’t have Carmella & Drake Maverick involved.

There is still plenty of potential with this belt that has been yet to be used. We’ve seen it defended in some actual matches on 205 Live by the Singh Brothers, which is a start. In 2020 we can only hope it can be used to give people like EC3, Eric Young, and others who can be incredibly comedic a time to shine. They just need to stop relying on the same old shtick week after week.

Who Has The Most Title Wins In General Within WWE

R-Truth does also hold the record for most title reigns period, beating out WWE Legend Edge who has 31, but what gives him the edge is that 11 of those reigns were either as WWE or World Heavyweight Champion.

Holding a title 30 times is impressive, and they account for most of the 35 titles reigns R-Truth has had in WWE. You’re adding in two reigns as Hardcore Champion, two reigns as United States Champion, and one as WWE Tag Team Champion with Kofi Kingston. But you can’t beat the prestiege of being an 11 time world champion, so while R-Truth has more reigns, he isn’t the most decorated champion.

What do you think of R-Truth and the 24/7 Championship? Let us know down below in the comment section and stay tuned for more WWE news here on The Overtimer.

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