Roman Reigns def. Robert Roode | WWE SmackDown Results


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Friday Night SmackDown just concluded with the Robert Roode vs. Roman Reigns tables match! My name is Jordan Huie, here at the Overtimer to give you the live recap and results from the show as they come about! With SmackDown now off the air, we’ve got nothing left to cover but the main event, so let’s get into it!

Roman has of course been feuding with King Corbin for a number of months, and Robert Roode is one of Corbin’s lackeys. But beyond that, Reigns and Roode have a pretty personal issue as well. Roode drew the ire of Reigns by mocking his family, a particularly common custom in WWE throughout the last two months of 2019, and in retaliation Reigns basically destroyed him. This wrote him off TV ahead of his Wellness Policy suspension. 

Roode came back last week however and put Roman through a table, setting up tonight’s Tables match. And the bout came with a special condition, that the winner would choose the stipulation for Reigns and Corbin’s match at the Royal Rumble. 

You can see an excerpt of my recap of this match below:

We come back, table set up in the center of the ring as Roode wants to superplex Roman through it! Reigns blocks, headbutt! And another! Slips between his legs and hooks him for a powerbomb! Roode escapes though, kick to the gut, hooks for a suplex but Roman counters with a powerslam attempt, Roode slips out and just tips the table over. Roman posts him! Roode bails, Roman leans a table on the corner.

Roman slips outside, runs across for a Superman Punch! Throws him in the ring, sets up for a spear through the table! Corbin up on the apron to distract Reigns, Ziggler rushes into the ring for the Superkick to Reigns! Reigns sent to the outside as Ziggler strips another announce table! Corbin and Ziggler hold Roman down on the table as Roode goes up top! But the Usos are in the ring now, Stereo Superkicks to Roode, Corbin and Ziggler! Simultaneous suicide dives take out Ziggler and Corbin! Ziggler laid up on the table! Usos walk the barrier… double frog splash puts Ziggler right through the table!!! In the ring, Reigns spears Roode through the corner table and that’s that!

Winner: Roman Reigns

Thus, Reigns won the match and the right to name the stip. He says it’s a huge arena at the Rumble and he wants to whip Corbin’s ass all over it in a Falls Count Anywhere match!

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