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Rusev & Liv Morgan vs. Bobby Lashley & Lana | WWE Monday Night Raw Preview (1/20/2020)


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Ladies and gentlemen, WWE Monday Night Raw is fast approaching! Tonight, we get a mixed tag match that I honestly expected to see at WrestleMania… it’s Rusev & Liv Morgan vs. Bobby Lashley & Lana! My name is Jordan Huie, I am happy to be with you here at the Overtimer! As is the case with every Monday, I’ll be here all night to give you the live recap and results from the show as they come! There really is staggeringly more to cover than usual here tonight and I’m all about it! So let’s get the lead out with these previews!

Mixed Tag Team Match: Rusev & Liv Morgan vs. Bobby Lashley & Lana

Two funny things to talk about first and foremost here. They’re still using a very outdated graphic for Liv Morgan here and I’m a little astounded by that. Here they are making a big thing about giving her the first real push of her career, fresh off a series of vignettes talking about a serious makeover. We all remember her extremely dramatic bath. And yet, there she is, pink hair that’s been tied into a couple of ribbons. This lack of attention seems like a foreboding sign for her to .

The second thing is that last week, both sides of this bout referred to this as a Mixed Match Challenge. This is of course the name of the mixed tag tournament that they did a couple of times in 2018. It was a Facebook exclusive experiment that honestly did not pan out at all how they hoped. Looking at the clips from it, it always seemed like the contestants had a ton of fun doing it though. So that much was nice. Still, it seems like it was enough to ingrain it into their heads that this was just what a mixed tag match was called now. That’s not true of course and would never stick if it were.

Aaaanyway, this match was an easy thing to see coming as soon as Liv got herself involved in this angle. Seemingly out of nowhere she revealed herself to be Lana’s estranged lesbian lover during Lana and Lashley’s wedding. This came during a time where the pair’s feud with Rusev had already been going for a number of months with no clear end in sight. As for tonight… it’s fair to say that last week, Liv made a big deal about her assistance only to wholly ineffective. You really should rectify that. For once I kinda support the 50/50 and say that Rusev and Liv should get the duke.

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