Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy def. The Viking Raiders, New Tag Champs | WWE Monday Night Raw Results (1/20/2020)


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Next segment begins with a proper vignette for the recently departed Rocky Johnson. Chant of Rocky as we come back to the arena. Backstage, Kabuki Warriors are seething after their defeat. Asuka is asked if this is the kind of champion she wants to be remembered as. Much Japanese yelling ensues. Now it’s time for the WWE Raw Tag Team Title match, as Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy come out for their bout with the Viking Raiders! And AOP are out to back them up! But the Raiders have Joe and Owens behind them as well!

WWE Raw Tag Team Championships: The Viking Raiders (c) vs. Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy

Rollins and Murphy share a hug as Buddy starts out. Erik with a Buisaku Knee! Throws Murphy to their corner, tag to Ivar, body slam, Erik bodyslams Ivar onto Buddy! Rollins helps Buddy out on the outside. AOP climb onto the apron only for Joe and Owens to pull them down! They brawl out into the crowd! Commercial break. Wwe come back to see Rollins controlling Erik. Turns out everyone not directly involved here have been ejected. Tag to Murphy, charges, Erik back body drops him out. But he makes it back in, takes him down, tag to Rollins who comes off the top with the big frog splash for the nearfall.

Rollins tags back out to Buddy. Buddy takes Erik up to hsis knees, combo of shots! Kick ducked, inverted hip toss into the knee lift from Erik! Ivar begging for a tag! Tag to both sides, Ivar with a huge shoulder block to Rollins! Tilt-a-whirl Side Slam to Murphy! Avoids Rollins and nails him with a seated senton, cartwheel avoids Murphy! Takes both men out of the ring, stereo suicide dives!

Viking Experience to Murphy, Rollins has to break it up!

Rollins with an enziguri but Ivar with a big boot! Gets Murphy into the corner, takes him up top! Murphy fights out, sunset flip bomb blocked, Rollins with a kick to the face. Murphy settles for Cheeky Nandos, Rollins and Murphy with a double powerbomb now! Cover for the nearest of falls. Whips Ivar but he breaks through the arms, handspring double back elbow! Erik tags in! Gutwrench Deadlift Powerbomb to Murphy! Ivar up top! Rollins knocks him to the floor though! Erik charges and Rollins bails to avoid the shot. Murphy with a V-Trigger to Erik! Erik ends up splayed on the bottom rope as Murphy distracts the ref – Rollins with a Curb Stomp nailing Erik against the apron! Murphy pulls Erik in for the cover and that is that, new champs!

Winners: Seth Rollins & Buddy Murphy

Real good match, didn’t expect this when the show started but not particularly upset about it!

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