WWE Speculation: Could We See Authors Of Pain Turn On Seth Rollins?

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There is a new leader on Monday Night RAW, and it is Seth Rollins. After facing backlash after his matches with The Fiend, he snapped and reverted back to his old ways. With Authors of Pain as his hired muscle, and Buddy Murphy joining as well, the nameless faction has been dominant. They’ve taken out Big Show, and now they’ve taken the RAW Tag Team Championships from Viking Raiders. Interestingly, it wasn’t Authors of Pain who got a shot at the Tag Team titles, but rather the duo of Buddy Murphy & Seth Rollins, who had AoP in their corner and helping them secure their victory. Could this start a rift in the group?

Authors Of Pain Want To Be Equal

With a record of pain and destruction in their history, including when they dominated Seth Rollins himself in a handicap match to become RAW Tag Team Champions. While they wanted to apply their level of destruction to the RAW roster, I don’t imagine they want to be fixed as goons. They seemed annoyed when Seth Rollins announced it would be him and Buddy Murphy who would challenge the Viking Raiders. This partnership has taken them to new heights, but once they establish themselves, they could break away and show Seth why he could have treated them properly.

Could The Freebird Rule Save The Team?

Named for The Fabulous Freebirds, the Freebird rule allows a group of wrestlers to all be tag team champion, meaning more options for defenses. The New Day notably use this, mixing between Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods to keep opponents guessing. With the amount of talent that this group has, they could remain champion for a very long time using this method. They could have Authors of Pain go against smaller opponents or match the size of larger teams, or rely on the expertise of Seth Rollins to defend in high risk situations. It would be an easy way for Seth to have everyone on the same level for now, or move away from the Tag Team Titles to try to claim the WWE Championship once again.

Do you think that Authors of Pain could get fed up of being treated as goons by Seth Rollins? Or will they remain loyal to the Monday Night Messiah. Let us know what you think in the comment section down below. The Overtimer is your source for news, rumors and speculation from all of wrestling, from WWE to NJPW and everything in between.

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