The Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame Is Sparse


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The Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame Is Sparse

Recently, Ken Shamrock, the “World’s Most Dangerous Man,” has been announced for the Impact Hall of Fame. As you know, I have a thing about wrestling hall of fames for the most part. Well, that was more about WWE’s hall of fame but there is one glaring thing about Impact Wrestling’s greatest historical honor that irks me. 

There’s Room In The Hall of Fame 

I’m not the only one who noticed this. There have been a number of names that came through that curtain and wrestled in The Asylum, The Impact Zone, and everywhere else. They’ve been King of the Mountain, they’ve risked it all in Ultimate X, they’ve been in Six Sides of Steel. 

Impact Wrestling has been around for almost 18 years now. Lots of talent has been in the company in that time. While they shouldn’t have a card-style hall of fame ceremony like WWE, they should have more than one entry a year. Of course, that would run through the names of stars with accomplishments in the company. 

Before you know it, Impact would have to induct Cheex, Jim Cornette, Dutch Mantel, and others who were exhausted with their time in the company. The company could induct one singles competitor and one tag team but things would still be pretty sparse after a while because Impact hasn’t been around since 1963. 

One of my concerns is that Impact Wrestling could eventually go under and wrestlers who were important to its early years won’t make it in. America’s Most Wanted? James Storm as a singles entry? Amazing Red, Jerry Lynn, Raven, Triple X? 

There is a reason for this: Impact’s roster doesn’t resemble the roster it had early on. Most of the strong inductees for the hall of fame have all long since bounced signed elsewhere. Those who haven’t signed elsewhere are all retired. The ones who didn’t retire probably weren’t the strongest inductees anyway. 

At Least Impact Wrestling Is Consistent…With the HOF 

Impact Wrestling has two big events that they’re guaranteed to run each year: Bound For Glory and Slammiversary. Personally, I like the old crop of events from 2005-2009. Victory RoadFinal ResolutionHard Justice? C’mon now. Those are some primo event names! On a scale of 1 to 10, they’re 8.5 minimum. Prove me wrong. 

Starting in 2012, Impact Wrestling began running their hall of fame. With the exception of 2015 when Earl Hebner went in, it’s always been at Bound For Glory. Knowing that there are some things that Impact can be consistent with is good to know. I mean, the TV product has been solid for a while now so the company can do consistency. 

On that note, congratulations to Ken Shamrock for being the Impact Wrestling’s 2020 Hall of Fame inductee! 

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