WWE Giving NXT Superstars Raises if They Sign Multi-Year Contracts


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Remember when Vince McMahon recently said he wasn’t concerned by the AEW? Oh, how we laughed that he tried to make it sound legitimate. That’s why he worked to have NXT appear across from it, and why AEW feel they won’t pre-announce a list of pay-per-views so McMahon doesn’t try to match them. Well, things have taken a fun turn with reports that the WWE is giving NXT superstars raises if they sign multi-year deals.

Buying off loyalty

Money talks, and Vince McMahon knows this.

It doesn’t matter what job we have or what industry, if we’re paid enough we remain loyal until a better offer comes along.

The problem here is the WWE has more talent than they know what to do with after years of McMahon buying up other promotions’’ talent to keep them from building and becoming a threat.

The other issue is many are happy in NXT, and if they sign a long term contract they’re locked in and could be moved to the main brands whether they want to or not. At least, it’s been reported that the contracts are only for three years, and not all of the talent that’s been offered them has signed.

Of course, if they’re happy and expect Triple H to be running things sooner rather than later, it’d be a good deal.

The question then become will their pay be equal to those on the Raw and Smackdown brands, or will they receive incentives when/if they’re called up?

This could be an important thing for those signing because NXT has been considered the better product by fans and critics for a few years, and going on the grind of the main roster with less pay or incentives could be a few landmines waiting to be stepped on.

What’s this mean for their current mid-carders?

Well, this is the fun part.

McMahon’s been showing a little more leniency when it comes to letting his wrestlers out of their contracts (probably due to Triple H, and with the WWE’s current financial woes, he may have no choice but to let go of his buried talent.

If he does, it’ll change the wrestling landscape and allow the other promotions like Impact Wrestling, AEW, NWA, and others to rebuild their rosters by adding some potentially integral parts.

With the current desire of many to go the Indie route instead of continuing to suckle on the WWE’s teet, this should prove interesting over the next few years.

Of course, if the WWE stops hemorrhaging money, this probably won’t happen and McMahon will continue burying other promotions’ talent he signs while pushing his own.

While these possibilities are purely conjecture since we don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes, they are reasonable things to keep our eyes out for. Personally, I hope the WWE lets their current mid-card talent go elsewhere and allow their NXT roster to fill it out. it makes sense given the WWE is giving NXT superstars raises for signing.

As rough as it may sound, it’d be in the best interest of the wrestlers and wrestling in general. Just think of how much fun it’d be to see the other promotions begin growing and wrestlers we’ve forgotten about thrive after being buried?

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