WWE Speculation – Is Beth Phoenix setting up Randy Orton?


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Okay, this may sound strange but it’s a tried and true method that’s a regular thing in wrestling. With Beth Phoenix (Adam Copeland’s real life wife) appearing on next week’s Raw to give an update on Edge, it’s bound to draw Randy Orton out. And that’s where her trap snaps shut.

Beth Phoenix – the bait

This idea may not go over well with some, but she could very well be meant as the bait.

Here’s a possible scenario.

Once she’s in the ring to speak, she’ll start by saying how heartbroken she is and how she doesn’t know if Edge will ever wrestle again. She’ll condemn Orton and maybe even call him out.

That’ll be the cue for Randy Orton’s music to start and the Viper will slither out. He’ll stay on the stage, maybe exchange a few words with her, but then he’ll proceed toward the ring. The announcers will cry and call for help, but none will come. It’s the WWE’s standard operating procedure lately, and a tried and true method to ramp up the crowd and viewers at home’s angst.

Phoenix will ready herself in the ring to defend herself against Orton, but we all know he’ll beat her. It’ll only be a matter of time, and that knowledge will drive our anxiety for someone to come to her aid.

Once Orton’s in the ring, he’ll circle her and they may exchange some more “pleasantries” like him trying to warn her off like he did Kevin Owens. She’ll listen as well as Owens did, and refuse to get out of the ring despite the announcers begging her to and condemning Orton for the attack yet to come.

When he gets close enough, Edge’s music will start and Orton will turn toward the stage.

Here’s where it could get really fun.

The music could be a diversion, and Phoenix attacks Orton from behind. She’ll get in a few shots before he counters and has her at his mercy. This is when Edge would come in either down the ramp or out from the crowd to defend her.

He may or may not have a neck brace on as he confronts Orton, and he will either be beaten down again or he’ll chase Orton off with Phoenix’s help. Possibly even due entirely to her.

What this accomplishes

It’ll put Orton over even more (not that he needs it) as a heel for threatening Beth Phoenix. We’ll also hear Hall of Famer a thousand times, making it a new drinking game like Monday Night Messiah.

Anyway, by confronting and threatening her, Orton will upset fans and he’ll become the top heel in the company (Sorry, not sorry, Seth Rollins).

This will also show the fans that Phoenix won’t back down no matter what, and if Edge does return, it’ll begin his “injured hero” journey that’s another basic standard.

Overall, we should be in for a good show. Unless the WWE screws it up and none of the above aside from Phoenix giving an update and Orton appears only to be jumped later, or Edge runs out during an Orton promo to confront him. While those work, they won’t be as awesome as a confrontation in the ring could be.

But then we’ve gotten used to the WWE dropping the ball. Maybe security will come out to help Beth Phoenix instead of leaving her flapping in the breeze? Then there’s the fact it’s been announced that Edge will return to Raw on March 9, so will he show early as a surprise?

It’s possible, especially when considering he kept saying he wasn’t returning at the Royal Rumble. Can public WWE schedules really be relied on?

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