AEW Brodie Lee’s Exalted One Mocks Vince McMahon


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AEW Brodie Lee’s Exalted One Mocks Vince McMahon

Mimicry is the ultimate form of flattery, but somehow it’s hard to believe flattery is what Brodie Lee intended with his Exalted One character. In fact, many fans agree that the Exalted One is mocking Vince McMahon.

The funny thing is, we have to agree. And it’s pretty hilarious.

Life imitates art

There are so many rumors about Vince McMahon, some proven and some not, that he’s made himself an easy target for a former talent he refused to release multiple times. It’s easy to understand why Lee would use him, and as mentioned above, there’s plenty of material from the accusations of McMahon being an “out of touch old man” and people being afraid to sneeze around him due to his phobia (but there’s no being sick, right?) have proven great story fodder for Lee. Then there’s the rumor that McMahon hates when people start eating before he finishes that Lee played on big time:

When we add in the talk of being the lion of AEW, it brings back the Ruthless Aggression Era and the grab the brass ring mentality that went along with it and other eras, there’s little to no doubt Lee is mocking or mimicking (choose whichever term you feel works best) McMahon.

The funny thing is, McMahon is fair game after some shots he’s taken over the years when WWE talent went to WCW.

What goes around

There are few comic gems better than Billionaire Ted, the Huckster, Nacho Man, and Scheming Gene. They were hilarious while sharing what McMahon wanted us to think was his view of WCW and the wrestlers that left. Of course, never mind the fact he tried to put Hogan and Savage out to pasture a few times despite their belief (and rightfully so) that they has a lot more to give, and the fans proved them correct.

So, while this was McMahon’s family friendly way of lashing out, it provided some awesomely memorable content for wrestling fans that’s last nearly thirty years.

While some of the funniest moments of the era, I can’t help but remember Mean Gene Okerlund’s comment about Scheming Gene and how his hotline must’ve been too much competition for the WWE. He was upset by his depiction and the fact he was an interviewer, nothing more. It feels more like Mean Gene downplayed the fact he was the best ever, but it’s understandable that he would be pushed into the mix like that.

It’s standard far in wrestling promotions as they’ve roasted each other mercilessly for laughs, to gain more heat, or to show their view of the opposition.

If anything, it may be a right of passage. It’s a great way to know you’ve inspired others when depicted in such a way. Of course, it’s also fun to imagine what McMahon will do in response since it’s been reported that the WWE isn’t happy with the Exalted One’s portrayal.

Until then, the Exalted One shall continue, and fans will continue loving it.

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