AEW Matt Hardy Would’ve Stayed in WWE Under Triple H


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The most prevalent argument against the WWE by its talent is the lack of creative direction for their characters. We can officially add another name to this growing list as Matt Hardy says he would’ve stayed in WWE had Triple H been running it:

(Special thanks to @heel_vs_face for the quite)

“If Triple H would have been the guy who was soley in power, I probably would have had a much better opportunity at getting to do what I wanted creatively, but it is what it is.”

If nothing else, this shows the amount of trust and respect between the talent and Triple H that they feel they can work with him instead of Vince McMahon.

Crafting a character

While it makes sense for anyone creative to have input since it’s important for wrestlers or any entertainers to have a connection to the role they’re playing. Still, they may not always have the best ideas. That’s when management steps in to help them define it. Given how many have claimed Vince McMahon has listened to them over the years, it says something about who he values or doesn’t if he disregards a proven talent’s idea, though it may be warranted at the time.

Jon Moxley said as much in an interview a few months back where he was pissed the WWE made him walk away from millions of dollars because their gimmicks were so horrible and it stifled him. Had he been given creative freedom, he’d probably still be in the WWE and AEW could still be looking for their top face.

But one decision opens doors elsewhere. It’s why it’s important for anyone to know what they want and go after it instead of always settling.

Matt Hardy’s Broken in AEW

On Chris Jericho’s podcast, Talk is Jericho, Matt said the idea for his “Broken” gimmick came from watching True Bloods, and he wanted to incorporate that idea of being conscious of his previous lives while in the ring.

While his gimmick was a hit or miss in the WWE, fans haven’t stopped calling for its return and it now calls AEW home, and Matt can creatively play until his heart’s content.

What’s going to be interesting is now that he has his creative freedom, which era will his character on AEW be from?

He’s already made his mark with his Sting Crow-like entrance on last week’s Dynamite (It would’ve been so freaking cool had fans been present), so we’ll have to wait and see what he’s planning to do next.

Maybe he’s going to be Sting?

Could be interesting.

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