Andrade & Angel Garza def. Ricochet & Cedric Alexander | WWE Raw Results


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Andrade & Angel Garza def. Ricochet & Cedric Alexander | WWE Raw Results

WWE Monday Night Raw continues. We have Andrade and Angel Garza taking on Ricochet and Cedric Alexander. Before the bell, Ricochet fends off a double team, attacks with a Springboard Moonsault. He’s able to hold them off until Cedric comes out.

Angel Garza & Andrade vs. Ricochet & Cedric Alexander

Ricochet takes advantage of Andrade early. Angel Garza distracts the referee by baiting them into getting on them for tag rope rules. As he’s distracted, Andrade attacks Ricochet from behind and deposits him from the ring. Angel takes the fight to him out there but the Street Profits’ music hits and they make their way to the commentary booth. After a commercial break, Andrade is holding Ricochet down with an arm wringer. Back elbows and armbreakers aplenty, Angel tags in, double whip, Andrade pops Ricochet up and Garza gets him with a kick to the gut on the way down.

Angel strips off his pants, gets Ricochet across the back with a brutal charging kick. Tag to Andrade, Angel holds him in place as Andrade kicks him in the gut. Stomps him into the corner. Ric tries to fight out with superkicks but Angel holds him with a side headlock. Ricochet rolls him up but Angel kicks out, dropkicks him into the corner. Wants to tie him up in the ropes, ref makes him back off, Ricochet starts fighting back, shots to both men but Angel gets him with a roundhouse kick to the gut. Tag to Andrade, sunset flip sets Ricochet up for a basement dropkick, nearfall.

Andrade tries to pull Ric up to the top rope but he fights back, springs up for a Super Rana! Both men tag out, Cedric has the hot tag, big combination of strikes to Angel, charging forearm in the corner, snapmare, dropkick to the back of the neck! Angel takes him to the apron but eats a big boot, springboard flatliner for a nearfall! Garza with a boot up on two charges, rushes in, gets stopped with an inverted atomic drop and enziguri combo, Ricochet with a standing shooting star press but Andrade breaks up the pin! LOUD chops to both men! They respond with a double superkick! Angel kicks Alexander out of the ring, thrust kick to the chest of Ricochet! Comes off the top but Ricochet dropkicks him out of the air!

Some really hard shots in this one, dang. We come back to see Andrade and Cedric exchanging forearms. Cedric with a spin kick to the gut, off a whip he hits a handspring enziguri, cover for a nearfall! Cedric charges, Andrade counters with a drop toe hold into the corner! Andrade with a Meteora, nearfall! Angel tags in, Reverse Slingshot Suplex for a nearfall! Alley Oop Double Bomb, Ricochet breaks up the pin! Ric wants an Asai Moonsault, Andrade clips the legs to trip him onto the apron. Angel grabs at Ric, Cedric surprises him with a roll-up for a nearfall, Angel responds with a vicious high knee for a nearfall!

Angel with a Springboard Moonsault for a nearfall! Andrade tags in, looking for a double slingshot suplex but Ricochet makes the save, WWE Headkick, hits the ropes for a crazy suicide dive, he crashes way too hard into the barrier, favoring his shoulder immediately! Cedric in the ring gets Andrade with a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall! Cedric trying to bring the fight to Andrade, he pushes him away, feint kick into the spinning elbow, covers, ref hesitates but counts the three. Didn’t seem to expect that to be the finish.

Winners: Andrade & Angel Garza

After the match, the winners bicker with the Street Profits until they enter the ring. A brawl kicks up, Profits run them off. But Andrade and Angel got ahold of the tag titles somehow and hold them aloft!

That was easily the best WWE empty arena match yet, even with the awkward hesitation at the finish.

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