Dark Side of the Ring Season 2 Premiers March 24 with Chris Benoit 2 hour special

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Dark Side of the Ring Season 2 Premiers March 24 with Chris Benoit 2 hour special

The allure of peaking behind the curtain and seeing what goes on is something fans of every form of entertainment want. Sometimes it’s a letdown as we see our childhood heroes as fallible people, but mostly it’s a cool insight to what made them tick. This is where Dark Side of the Ring comes into play.

The Vice channel hit a home run with season one of Dark Side of the Ring, so a second season was expected by many.

Vice struck a chord with stories like Bruiser Brody’s murder in Puerto Rico, Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth’s romance, the Montreal Screwjob, and Fabulous Moolah. Many of us grew up watching them or just missed seeing them in action, so it was a great way for us to see behind the scenes of some of our favorites.

Season 2 premiere

Vice picked the perfect story to begin their second season with a two hour story about the Chris Benoit tragedy. Credited as the hardest worker of his generation, in 2007 Benoit killed his wife, Nancy, and son, Daniel, before he took his own life. Like in season one, they’ll interview Chris Benoit’s friends and family like his other son, David, and his wife’s sister, Sandra Toffoloni as they delve into the different issues that may have led to Benoit’s deteriorating mental state and horrible actions.

Like season one, we’ll get a plethera of stories including Dino Bravo’s murder, ECW’s New Jack, David Schultz’s fight with a 20/20 reporter, the Road Warriors Hawk and Animal, Jimmy Snuka’s murdered girlfriend, Herb Abrams attempting to build a wrestling empire, and Owen Hart’s accidental death.

While some of these are well known to fans, others aren’t and that what really makes this series special. Not everything is as cut and dry as we’re often led to believe, and it adds a new dimension to how we look at past and present wrestlers.

There’s also a couple of changes to the show’s format.

We’re getting more

Current AEW star Chris Jericho is going to narrate season 2’s episodes, and there’s going to be an after show hosted by Chris Gethard and will feature a rotating panel of guests from various areas of professional wrestling.

Dark Side of the Ring was Vice’s biggest ever hit, and shows that professional wrestling shows are popular even if wrestling itself may be on the downside.

We’re hungry to hear the stories and relive our favorite memories, and this hits he spot.

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