Rey Mysterio vs. Angel Garza | WWE Raw Preview


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Rey Mysterio vs. Angel Garza | WWE Raw Preview

Following last night’s Elimination Chamber event which, without a shadow of a doubt, was in fact a show, WWE Monday Night Raw is on tonight! We’re sure to have atleast one super good match here tonight, when Rey Mysterio faces the up-and-coming and charismatic Angel Garza! My name is Jordan Huie and you are here with us at the Overtimer. As always, you can expect to see the full coverage of tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw. That means live recap and results from the show as they come, plus a preview of everything that’s been announced. Let’s go ahead and get on to it.

Rey Mysterio vs. Angel Garza

Rey and Angel have in some ways been guests to the Andrade/Humberto Carrillo feud thus far. Which is funny to say because, the much established multi-time world champion Rey is certainly more over than Humberto and in a short time Angel drew a lot of buzz and it’s not hard to find folks that are more interested in him than Andrade. Still, the angle began as Humberto vs. Andrade. However, that may now be shifting going forward. Last night, Andrade once again retained his US title over Humberto. While yes, he did cheat to do it, it’s the third straight time that Humberto has challenged him for the gold and came up short.

WWE is of course known for it’s love of rematches, but to do so again, especially for a match at WrestleMania, seems very much like overkill to me. I think we’re moving onto one of two things. A) Rey takes Humberto’s place to challenge Andrade, and perhaps we’ll get a title vs. mask match, as there’s been a lot of speculation of doing something like that between the two for a long time now… or B) we’re heading towards a fatal four way with all of the big Hispanic stars vying for the gold.

I kinda think the four way is more likely and on some level more interesting, just because we’ve seen the singles combinations a lot, but the four of them all battling it out is pretty different and with the fast pace they work, it’d no doubt be really exciting. But if they actually go all the way with a Title vs. Mask match, that’d be pretty intense. Either way… as for tonight, I think Rey Mysterio wins.

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