WWE Legend Edge Shares Thoughts On Key Players From The NXT Roster


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The future of the WWE brand is already here, just stored away in NXT. People like Undisputed Era, Johnny Gargano, Tomasssao Ciampa, Velveteen Dream, Tyler Bate and more are the future stars of the roster. The torches will be passed eventually, and while some like Gargano & Ciampa might never leave NXT, others are destined to main event Wrestlemania. One man who has reached the peaks these men dream about is Edge. Speaking with Sportskeeda, Edge would praise his favorite stars and mention a dream match of his own.

Edge Sees Something Special In Velveteen Dream

There is one man in NXT who has found the formula for wrestling success very quickly, and that is Velveteen Dream. A wrestling prodigy and student of the game, it’s no wonder people from all levels of the business have took notice. Edge sees him as a huge star. “Velveteen Dream to me is just this raw, completely natural character – he has just found his character and that’s so exciting to watch. It’s not just all about moves, about 84 superkicks. He has tapped into his character and it’s really fun to watch and to see where he takes that – the future is good.”

A character focused approach is on the rise again in wrestling, with people like Orange Cassidy, Danhausen, Warhorse, Cara Noir & Velveteen Dream being some of the biggest examples. They dominate their matches using character work, and while they can all provide excellent action, that isn’t the focus. It’s fresh and something people are remembering is what makes wrestling so good.

Wanting To Bask In The Glory Of Keith Lee

While people like Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream are stars in NXT, there is arguably no one bigger right now than Keith Lee. Ever since he signed with WWE, it was only a matter of time that people would take notice of him. With larger than life charisma that draws a crowd into him instantly, and uncanny agility combined with power to keep them invested, he is one of the best WWE has. Edge wants a piece of him in the ring. “Keith Lee is so impressive – I’d love to be able to get in the ring with that guy and just show him exactly what he is and how he can be.”

We could easily see that match, as WWE is clearly big on Lee with his performances against Reigns & Lesnar showing that. A big debut match against a legend like Edge would instantly establish Lee as one to watch. Would you want to see Edge face Keith Lee? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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