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John Cena Promises To Squash The Fiend | WWE SmackDown Results


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WWE Friday Night SmackDown continues. We see a recap of the Firefly Funhouse segment last week where Bray Wyatt threw a bunch of his bitter feelings – and Ramblin’ Rabbit – into a blender and drank them all before announcing that he would be facing Cena in a Firefly Funhouse Match. John Cena then makes his way out for our final segment of the night. Says that one month ago, WWE announced that it would continue it’s performances right here in the Performance Center in front of no live audience. This was a message that left all of us, WWE Superstars, people at home, what’s really gonna happen? It’s been a learning curve. There have been some ‘meh’ moments, some great moments and it’s gotten us through some uncertainty and it’s led us here, to the final moments of the final broadcast before WrestleMania. And still we’re left wondering what’s going to happen.

Says tomorrow night, begins the broadcast of what will be the most viewed and talked about WrestleMania of all time, because for the first time, nobody knows what will happen. John Cena says he’s in a Firefly Funhouse match and he can’t get anybody to begin to explain to him what that is. He thinks not even Bray Wyatt knows and that’s exactly what the Fiend wants. Cena thinks the Fiend is reveling in the uncertainty, and the fear and the paranoia of the unknown. But he’s not afraid of the unknown.

Says he’s here tonight to tell everyone of what’s about to happen. He will squash Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania and finish what he started six years ago. Asks if he’s supposed to be afraid of a cross between Wiz Khalifa and the WB Frog? Says Goldberg proved that the Fiend has weaknesses. And at WrestleMania, Cena will prove that the Fiend is an embarrassment. Remarks how the Fiend wanted to make a match where he had every possible advantage, a match of his own design and still he will defeat him. He’s trying to make it very clear that he will put an end to his career.

Ramblin’ Rabbit pops up in the front row and says he’s so excited, after WrestleMania John Cena will play with them forever. The other puppets all pop up and chant “Forever, Forever” until the Fiend appears up in the perch. As John Cena stares him down, Bray Wyatt pops up behind John and growls “Let Me In” and actually spooks him before the lights fall and everyone disappears leaving Cena alone in the ring. That’s how the show ends.

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