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Nia Jax Returns, Squashes Deonna Purrazzo | WWE Raw Results (4/6/2020)


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Nia Jax Returns, Squashes Deonna Purrazzo | WWE Raw Results (4/6/2020)

WWE Monday Night Raw rolls on. Soon we’ll see Nia Jax return after pretty much exactly a year on the shelf. But first we see an interview with Kevin Owens following his defeat of Seth Rollins where he talks about how vindicated he feels to have finally defeated Seth. He now has his eyes set on anyone else who might need a Stunner. Believes he’s shown that this is indeed the Kevin Owens show. Then, out comes Seth Rollins for a match. He’s stoic and moving at a glacial pace, obviously distraught with the loss.

Seth Rollins vs. Denzel Dejournette

Rollins charges with the immediate forearm. Whips him into the corner and stomps him into the mat, grinds the boot into his chin for the whole four count. Throws him from the outside, pursues and slams him into the barricade a couple of times before forcing him into the ring. Hits the ropes and nails the Stomp. Covers for the easy victory.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Just a quick match to let you know that Rollins is gonna be back with a vengeance coming off that first serious Mania loss. (The only WrestleMania loss he ever had before that night was against Randy Orton and he bounced back by becoming world champion later in the night.)

They then play a vignette for the oncoming return of… wait for it… Nia Jax! She faces off with NXT’s Deonna Purrazzo.

Nia Jax vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Immediately Jax gets her with a corner clothesline, then another in the center of the ring that takes her down. Grab by the hair as she yanks her up before just letting her fall. Stomp to the back. Pulls her to her feet, Short-Arm Clothesline. And then another one. Again pulls her up by the hair slowly, into a third Short-Arm Clothesline. Hoists her up, plants her with a Samoan Drop. And then she just straight-up steals the Rampaige, I’m assuming she had Paige’s blessing for that. It looked a lot more dangerous than when Paige used it though, really looked like she dropped her on her head there. This gets her the victory.

Winner: Nia Jax

I don’t guess she and Becky ever had a major singles match in spite of their angle… actually, looking it up, it seems like they never had a one-on-one match period. That’s a little wild all things considered. And Becky needed somebody new to face, so that works.

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