Wrestling Universe: First Of Two Amateur Wrestling Matches

Kyoko Hamaguchi Was Aggressive, Was It Enough?

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Wrestling Universe is a multi-part series investigating the historic Big Egg Wrestling Universe event hosted by All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling on November 20, 1994, that stands as the highest-grossing wrestling event put together by a women’s wrestling promotion.

The sixth match during Big Egg Wrestling Universe saw Doris Blind and Kyoko Hamaguchi wrestle in a freestyle match, continuing the theme of highlighting women in a variety of combat sports during the historic event. Blind won the silver medal at the 1994 freestyle wrestling world championships at 65kg in Sofia, Bulgaria Doris would match her feat in 1995 (Moscow, Russia) and 1996 (Sofia).

Kyoko, daughter of retired professional wrestling veteran and renowned trainer Animal Hamaguchi would go on to win five World Championships and two Olympic bronze medals at 72kg throughout her wrestling career.

Doris Blind With The Advantage Over Kyoko Hamaguchi During Their Freestyle Wrestling Match During Big Egg Wrestling Universe On November 20, 1994 via All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling

From a novice amateur wrestling viewers perspective, Hamaguchi was the more aggressive wrestler — yet often looked reckless with her approach. Blind was able to use her leverage advantage to secure the only moments of clear advantage by either during the four-minute contest. Her mostly ‘sit and wait’ approach ended with her winning the contest on points, in what was a spirited affair by both wrestlers.

Both showed respect to one another after the match, before Hamaguchi said a few words to the crowd. For those interested in learning more about amateur wrestling, this match is a good start — especially if you want to ease into the sport and surround it with professional wrestling.


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