Wrestling Universe: Suzuka Minami, Kaoru Impress

Minami Deserves More Credit

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Wrestling Universe is a multi-part series investigating the historic Big Egg Wrestling Universe event hosted by All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling on November 20, 1994, that stands as the highest-grossing wrestling event put together by a women’s wrestling promotion.

The fourth match of Big Egg Wrestling Universe saw former 3x All Pacific Champion and 2x WWWA Tag Team Champion with her ‘Marine Wolves’ tag team partner Akira Hokuto. Suzuka Minami of All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling (AJW) faced off against Karou of GAEA Japan (GAEA).

Despite her decorated career in AJW Minami remains relatively unknown outside of those who were fans of the promotion during her run, especially non-domestic Japanese fans of professional wrestling. Minami was competent, fluid, and trusted by the AJW office to always perform well in singles competition. While she was nowhere near the draw of Manami Toyota, Bull Nakano, Aja Kong, Akira Hokuto — she was a talented performer who knew how to execute inside the wrestling ring.

At the time of the match, Karou was far below Minami on the pecking order, but this was an opportunity to impress in front of a crowd of over 30,000 in attendance. Karou had been a 2x AJW Tag Team Champion with her ‘Honey Wings’ tag team partner Mika Takahashi.

The match was solid with Minami showing her talent. Her wrestling ability and humble demeanor were able to get the crowd behind her, while Karou played her role throughout the match extremely well — despite not being at the caliber of Minami at the time.

At points during the match, the viewer could question why Minami wasn’t featured more heavily in AJW at the time. However, with how loaded the promotion was in the marquee, understandably, she was the backbone of the midcard.

Karou was able to trouble Minami at times, but it was clear that she wasn’t a match for her advisary. Minami was able to finish Karou with a beautifully executed powerbomb.

Fans, historians, and wrestling journalists should seek out clips of Suzuka Minami as she was a gem during her career, and deserves more spotlight.

Suzuka Minami Defeating Karou With A Unique Sitout Powerbomb On November 20, 1994 During Big Egg Wrestling Universe At The Tokyo Dome via All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling


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