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Bayley def. Charlotte Flair | WWE SmackDown Results (5/22/2020)


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WWE SmackDown resumes. Backstage, Bayley and Sasha Banks are talking shop but Bayley tells Sasha not to go out there with her. She says people think she can’t win without her. Sasha asks if this is because of what Charlotte said, because she was not listening to her. Bayley agreed and says she doesn’t know how anyone could listen to her. But she doesn’t want to give anyone any reason to doubt anymore. Sasha accepts this and tells Bayley that she’s got this. Bayley walks off confidently and Sasha glares daggers into the back of her head. As you could probably guess, this leads directly into Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair (Non-title)

Lock-up, Charlotte with a knee to the gut. Drives her headfirst into the top turnbuckle and chops her into the corner. Charlotte yells about how she’s not ready and drives her into another corner. Bayley evades a charge, hair trip. She mocks her with a Flair Strut. Sasha is watching the match from backstage. Lock-up, Charlotte with a waistlock. Bayley with a foot stomp to switch I think. Charlotte with a back elbow to the face and then tends to her foot a bit so yeah, that’s what happened. Charlotte walks over and Bayley with a double leg trip, feet on the ropes but the ref spots it. Bayley hilariously claims she was just testing the ref.

Charlotte rolls her up and gets feet on the ropes for a nearfall and she’s able to sneak it past the ref. Flair to the apron, side steps a shoulder thrust, big knee to the face! But Bayley slips to the outside, clips a leg to send her right onto the apron! Back into the ring, tries a baseball slide but Charlotte rushes ahead of it, surprises Bayley with a clothesline on the outside! Throws her over the barricade! Charlotte takes up the headset and demands that Sasha come out here as we go to commercial.

We come back to see Bayley being held down in a headlock. Charlotte grinding her into the mat, tells her she’s teaching her how to be a champion. Bayley fights to her feet but Charlotte yanks her to the floor. Whip to the corner, she bounces off the buckles, Charlotte with a knife edge chop takes her down! Drags her towards the corner. Steps up to the top rope, Bayley trips her to the mat and Charlotte seems to tweak the knee in the process. Bayley charges, Charlotte with a knee to the face! Charges again but Bayley low bridges her, only for Flair to try dragging her to the outside, Bayley blocks it and instead kicks Charlotte into the ring post!

Bayley wants her sliding dropkick but Charlotte avoids it and nails her with a forearm! Bayley slips behind her on a body slam, drives her into the barrier and then into the apron! Back into the ring, Charlotte rolls inside and Bayley covers for a 1 count. Bayley pounding on Charlotte. Chokes her against the second rope. Flair with a back elbow, rolls her up for 2. Bayley with a running clothesline, cover for 1. Chinlock cinched in. Flair fights her way up, buncha body shots but Bayley stops her with a knee to the gut. Hits the ropes, crossbody but Charlotte catches her out of the air for a Fallaway Slam! Charlotte blocks a punch, series of forearms.

Bayley ducks a shot, shoulder thrusts, backwards roll and charges for a clothesline but Charlotte ducks, backbreaker into a toss into the second buckle! Charlotte scales the ropes once more. Moonsault, avoided but Charlotte lands on her feet, big boot for a nearfall! Kicking her into the ropes, Bayley hotshots her to stop it. Drags her by the hair to the corner and lays her against the second buckle. Charges for a knee to the head! Now she’s going up top. Flying Elbow Drop but Charlotte gets the knees up to block it! Boston Crab locked in now, looking painful! Bayley flips her out of it, side-steps a charge and Charlotte nails headlong into the buckle. Bayley rolls her towards the center of the ring and goes up top, Flying Elbow nailed! Naaaaarrow nearfall, that was a close one!

Bayley is furious now. Starts yelling at the commentators. Charlotte struggles to her knees as Bayley asks “How many times?” Chops her across the chest. This is kinda intense, she chops her over and over as she yells at her. Wants the Figure Four, Charlotte stops her with a big right hand to the face! Knife edge chops commence into the corner! Over and over, almost getting DQ’d. Charlotte charges, Bayley with a boot up, rolls her up – grabs the ropes and gets the victory.

Winner: Bayley

Pretty damn good match, with a bit of a cheap finish but I can understand that. I wouldn’t have had either of them definitively pin the other honestly.

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