Edge Admits His Self-Doubt, Promises To Dig Down Deep At Backlash | WWE Raw Results (5/25/2020)


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WWE Monday Night Raw continues and Edge is backstage to give a promo. Edge says two weeks ago Randy Orton caught him flat-flooted. Doesn’t happen often so congratulations. Now he’s got him doubting himself. Wants to be fully transparent. Can he hang? He was retired for 3212 days. In that time, Orton has competed in 1126 matches. And now, he’s looking at it and he realizes he has to prove himself to himself. So strangely, he wants to thank Randy because he makes him contemplate things he doesn’t want to contemplate or had buried very, very deeply. So that same night he went home and he watched the first installment of the Last Ride documentary series and saw himself on there and it got him contemplating when is the time to hang up the boots? Because he was still retired at that point.

He starts to get emotional as he tells Randy if he wants to doubt his wrestling ability, he’s hung with the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, William Regal, Rey Mysterio, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith the list goes on and on. He taught guys how to get to the next level, that was his job because he’s damn good at it. He was a five-tool workhorse for this company. Now of course you’ll notice everything he said was in the past tense. Because he doesn’t know if he can do any one of those things anymore. But at Backlash he is going to dig to the very depths of his soul to try. That’s all a man can do.

After the promo, out comes Asuka for more commentary duty for this next match. But first, backstage the Profits and the Raiders argue over what happened in their golfing outing as the Raiders claim to have let them win again. Profits say they had more turkey legs than balls in those holes. Ivar agrees, he had plenty of Birdies that night. Profits will do anything except gator wrestling. Raiders challenge them to bowling instead. MVP and Lashley overhears this and Montel talks about another promising career that will no doubt go down the drain because they’d rather be golfing instead of acting like champions. I’m desperately struggling to find a lie in this statement. Profits mock him for being Claymored. MVP and Lashley challenge the Street Profits to a match later on tonight.

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