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Tamina & Lacey Evans def. Sasha Banks & Bayley | WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/8/2020)


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Tamina & Lacey Evans def. Sasha Banks & Bayley | WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/8/2020)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown continues. We get a replay of what happened last week, with Sasha Banks distracting Tamina and luring her into an ambush with Bayley attacking from behind, only for Lacey Evans to break up the gang beatdown. Now, Bayley and Sasha face off with Lacey and Tamina.

Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. Tamina & Lacey Evans

Bayley and Sasha immediately start arguing over who will start the match. They’re about to Roshambo for it until Tamina gets them both with a double clothesline and they both bail from the ring. After another bit of discourse, Sasha tries to go up first to distract her as Bayley attacks from behind but once again Tamina whips around in time to grab her by the throat! Big scoop slam in the center of the ring! Tamina with a big avalanche in the corner, Bayley escapes and Sasha makes the blind tag, roundhouse kick to the face as she enters the ring. Drives her into the corner, shoulder thrusts laid in. Bayley tags back in and stomps her into the corner. Chokes her with a boot, then with her knee.

Sasha tags in, they pull her up, they want a tandem Straitjacket but Tamina slams them against each other to counter it! Sends the two of them to the floor. Bayley wants a breather. They’re trying to leave but Lacey Evans stands in front of the ramp to block their way. A back elbow lays out Sasha and Lacey forces Bayley to back up. Tamina grabs her by the hair and tries to yank her into the ring but Bayley with a Hot Shot! Comes off the top but Tamina gets her with a solid punch out of the air, just before the commercial break.

Lacey kneeing Sasha in the face as we come back, kick takes her to the mat, Slingshot Elbow Drop! Goes up top for the Moonsault but Bayley distracts her, Sasha trips her up and dropkicks her out of the tree of woe! Cover for a nearfall. Bayley tags in, double whip into a double back elbow! Bayley covers for a nearfall. Sasha with a shot behind the ref’s back. Bayley drags her up, tags Sasha, Straitjacket Shove in the corner. The heels double team Lacey in the middle of the ring as the ref does nothing about it, Evans flips out of a double arm drag, makes the tag to Tamina but the heels take her right off the apron. Sasha tries a dive but Tamina catches her and slings her into the barrier! Bayley goes out and tackles her but gets thrown off.

Tamina takes Bayley into the ring and hits her with a clothesline, headbutt. Corner avalanche, biel throw. Charges for the hip attack! Tamina up top, has to shove Sasha away, Bayley tries to clip her but Tamina knocks her to the mat, tries for a Splash kinda but Bayley gets the knees up! Bayley To Belly! Doesn’t go for the cover though, goes up instead… there’s the Flying Elbow Drop, but it’s a nearfall! Cole says Bayley may not have anything left in her arsenal and Bayley corrects her, that’s hilarious. Tamina gets the advantage and hoists her up onto her shoulders, Sasha pulls her off, Lacey gets Sasha with a Woman’s Right, Bayley forces her to the outside and then charges at Tamina – right into a Superkick! Samoan Drop follows and that’s that.

Winners: Tamina & Lacey Evans

S’about as expected.

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