WWE Main Event Results: Ruby Riott vs. Bianca Belair


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WWE Main Event Results: Ruby Riott vs. Bianca Belair

In the last few weeks, Main Event has bene highlighting Ruby Riott as she does all she can to get a win. In recent weeks she would lose to both Kairi Sane & Bianca Belair. This week, she looks to try again against Belair on the 400th episode of WWE Main Event. Would this milestone episode finally bring Ruby Riott a victory?

Bianca Belair Takes Control

The match opened with some trash talking between the two, before they would lock in the middle of the ring. Riott would trap the arm and send some elbows to the face of Belair, before being stopped and trapped an armbar herself. She would escape by stomping the foot, a common but simple tactic employed by Riott. She would be whipped into the corner, and Belair would drive the shoulder in before whipping her across the ring.

In the opposite corner, Riott would catch Belair and attempt Deadly Nightshade, only to be blocked and put into position for a powerslam which she slipped out of. Hitting the ropes to gain some momentum, Riott would be on the end of a tilt-a-whirl gutbuster, getting Belair a near fall. After fighting her way out of a neck crank, Riott would go for a quick roll-up before being stopped once again by the powerhouse. Belair would get cocky with a handspring dropkick, only to run into the post after charging Riott in the corner.

Frustration Kills

After this collision, Belair would be on the defensive, but instead of focusing on the hurt arm, Riott would show her frustration. She would make the mistake of giving Belair too much room to breathe, and get caught with a Fallaway Slam in the process. Riott wouldn’t stay down long, and would plant Belair with a huge STO for a near fall. Belair would sit up into a superkick, getting another near fall.

Riott would go to the top rope, but be caught on the way down into position for the Glam Slam, being sent face first into the turnbuckle. Belair would then set up the K.O.D and get the win.

This makes three losses in a row for Ruby Riott on Main Event. Will see be able to find victory next week, or is it time for a change of tactics? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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