Andrade def. Kevin Owens, Angel Garza | WWE Raw Results (6/8/2020)

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WWE Raw rolls on with Apollo Crews coming out to talk about how excited he is to defend the WWE United States Championship at Backlash. His challenger will be determined by a triple threat match between Andrade, Angel Garza and Kevin Owens. Andrade and Garza cut him off but Owens attacks them on the way down, retaliation for pre-match attacks in recent weeks! He sends both men into the barricade before rushing into the ring and demanding they both enter! Commercial break.

Kevin Owens vs. Angel Garza vs. Andrade

As the bell rings when we come back, Angel and Andrade of course swarm in on Owens and pound on him. Take him into the corner and stomp him to the mat. They pull him out to the center and work over a leg apiece. Forearms and stomps. Angel covers but Andrade pulls him off. As they bicker, Owens with an overhand chop. Double whip into a double back elbow, Andrade considers the cover but Angel is watching him. But then he turns around to rip his pants off and this lets Owens roll up Andrade for a 2 count! They double team him again and there’s the Wishbone spot! “KO” chant leads to nothing as they choke him against the ropes, dropkick to the back of the head from Garza!

Owens trying to fight out of the corner but Andrade with a charging kick stops that! Whips Owens to the corner, whips Garza in but he eats a boot from Kev! Andrade charges, catches a second boot and takes him down! Andrade with an Arm Stretch as Garza stretches Owens’ legs apart. They cap it off with double stomps. Andrade and Angel pull him up, want a double suplex, Owens is blocking it but after a couple knee lifts, they send him over! Andrade covers but Garza yanks him off! Andrade slaps him across the face! He dumps him to the floor and they go out and brawl! Andrade sends Garza into the barrier and then the plexiglass! Zelina Vega tries to get between them but they shove her to the floor! They then both blame each other for this, hilariously, before checking on her. Commercial break.

Owens goes up top as we come back but Garza catches him with an enziguri and climbs up there, they fight with headbutts… Garza hooks for a superplex. Owens is fighting it. Bionic Elbow takes him to the mat, Senton Bomb for a nearfall, Andrade breaks it up. We see that Zelina was helped to the back during commercial. Andrade gets a Piggyback Sleeper in, Owens breaks it by slamming him down onto the legs of Garza! Gets both men down in the corners, Cannonballs for both! But on a second attempt to Andrade he evades it! Now Andrade with Meteoras to both! But Garza counters a second one with a superkick, only for Owens to Superkick Garza! Goes up top, Bullfrog Splash to Andrade for a narrow nearfall!

Owens wants a Pop-Up Powerbomb but Andrade escapes out of the back of it, feint kick into spinning back elbow for a nearfall! Kicks Garza to keep him out of the ring, pulls Owens up to his feet and looks for a suplex. But Owens hoists him up onto his shoulders, Andrade escapes behind him – Garza with a Missile Dropkick to Owens! Garza and Andrade trading hard chops!! Garza blocks a kick, high knee to the chin, Andrade with a Cactus Clothesline sending both to the floor! Owens hits the ropes, big tope wipes them out! Owens throws Angel into the ring, boot to the gut for the Stunner but Garza blocks it, dropkick to the injured left leg of Owens! Gets him in a Heel Hook! Owens crawls over and grabs the bottom rope to break it! Angel wants the Wing Clipper, Owens blocks it but hits the Stunner! Andrade dropkicks Owens off the cover though – then pins Garza himself to get the win!

Winner: Andrade

Cool match! Honestly this was probably the strongest I’ve ever seen Owens presented it was cool seeing him combat the 2-on-1 this long.

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