Apollo Crews vs. Andrade | WWE Backlash 2020 Preview

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Tonight is another PPV in the age of the Pandemic, and I can only imagine what people will think looking back on these shows years from now. This time around it’s WWE Backlash 2020, where Apollo Crews will defend his US title against Andrade. You can expect the same coverage as any major event gets from the Overtimer, including in-depth previews of each match.

WWE United States Championship: Apollo Crews (c) vs. Andrade

I’m not going to pretend that the US title is a major deal. In fact, it’s historically been the weakest singles title in WWE more often than not, aside from a few bright spots. It has been the center of some strong matches recently thanks to the part it played in the Andrade/Angel Garza vs. Rey Mysterio/Humberto Carrillo feud, but it’s got a lot of building to go before it can really be considered all that prestigious. That said, going into 2020 I don’t think anyone expected to see Apollo Crews winning any sort of title in WWE, barring the 24/7 Championship. In fact just two months ago, when WWE were going through a period of serious layoffs, many would’ve probably thought Crews was more likely to be released then hold a title.

Suffice to say, for him, it’s a massive deal that this title win happened. And for any supporters of him, this reign has to be cherished. It’s by far the most significant he’s ever been in his several years with the company. His championship victory came at the expense of Andrade who had held the gold for about five months, which is actually a long run for this belt’s standards. To find a reign that goes farther than five months, you’d have to go back to Sheamus’ run with it in 2014. There have been 35 title changes since then. Yeah it’s been passed around a bit!

Which actually means there’s no guarantee whatsoever that Apollo won’t just lose the title right back to Andrade right here. In fact that’d be pretty line with how WWE does things. It also seems like we could be parlaying to an eventual Andrade/Angel Garza feud over the title at some point, though you could perhaps more effectively do this with Apollo retaining over Andrade but losing it to Angel later and letting him succeed where his partner failed, amping up the tension between them even further. Either way, this should be a fun match and for maybe the only time in my writing career, I’m going to predict that Apollo Crews retains a championship in WWE.

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