Asuka vs. Nia Jax | WWE Backlash 2020 Preview

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Tonight is another PPV in the age of the Pandemic, and I can only imagine what people will think looking back on these shows years from now. This time around it’s WWE Backlash 2020, where Asuka defends the WWE Raw Women’s Championship against Nia Jax in a grudge match! You can expect the same coverage as any major event gets from the Overtimer, including in-depth previews of each match.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) vs. Nia Jax

This is Asuka’s first major title defense since being awarded the Raw Women’s Championship for winning the Women’s side of the Money In The Bank ladder match. This of course following Becky Lynch having to relinquish the title due to her pregnancy. Actually, it’s her first title defense period since we don’t have house shows at the moment and she hasn’t had a title match on TV yet. Nia Jax was likely the intended next opponent for Becky Lynch given their long-standing history that somehow never involved a singles match on a PPV. Nia’s knack for injuring people in matches and angles ended up being a major catalyst for Becky, as the bloody injury which kept her out of Survivor Series 2018 ended up making for one of her more iconic moments as well as setting up the long-term chase of Ronda Rousey that helped turned her into a megastar.

But that same lack of care for opponents has made her into a logical enemy of Asuka as well, since Nia has repeatedly injured Asuka’s Kabuki Warriors tag team partner Kairi Sane in two consecutive matches. This really hasn’t been played up as much as it should. Obviously it’s not an intended angle but it’s certainly happening and this kind of thing is the only thing that’s gotten Nia much heat in the past. And if you’re Asuka, of course you want to get payback for Kairi on top of retaining your title, it just makes sense.

When the two finally meet, it’s likely to be a physical one to say the least. Asuka is one of the more snug and hard hitting competitors WWE’s seen in a long time and Nia seems quite incapable of working any other way. So I’m sure they’ll be taking it to one another. I’m not sure what the long-term plans for this title are right now but until it’s worked out, I imagine Asuka will continue holding onto it. Asuka to retain.

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