Impact Wrestling Uploaded Their Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre Title Match

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It no surprise that Impact Wrestling uploaded the showdown between Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre from the June 16, 2016 episode of IMPACT. They had it in their vault and the match is slated for tonight at WWE Backlash.  The bout was over the TNA World Heavyweight title with Lashley being in his third of four reigns as champion and McIntyre was a one-time champion. 

Before losing the belt, Drew McIntyre won the belt in March 2016 after defeating Matt Hardy on IMPACT. He would go on to have nine successful defenses defeating the likes of Jeff Hardy, Tyrus, Eli Drake, Lashley, and Matt Hardy twice. 

The Story of Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley 

During McIntyre’s reign as champion, Lashley—his eighth defense—managed to escape certain defeat in a lumberjack match via DQ. That match was actually a fairly enjoyable Impact Wrestling heavyweight match. It was physical and since it was a TV bout, it had some umph in the pace. The ending didn’t do it for me but there’s this interesting side story being told in their matches. 


Something about the match being a lumberjack match would make it seem difficult to lose via DQ. The guys outside are meant to throw wrestlers back in which is pointless until you factor in heels being heels. Sometimes it gets so out of hand that all the referee can do is yell that rules are being broken. Whatever, I never cared for lumberjack matches. 

A Successful Defense For Lashley Over Drew McIntyre In TNA

So, Lashley failed to take the strap from Drew McIntyre that April. His rematch would come two months later at Slammiversary XIV in a Knockout or Tapout match. This match would be a bit longer and had a few lulls in action but Lashley and McIntyre work together well enough that it was a really good, intense match that ended in The Destroyer claiming his third TNA World Heavyweight title. 

Could Their Match At WWE Backlash Have Shades of Their TNA Bouts? 

Now Drew was behind the 8-ball. He hasn’t been able to pin or force Bobby Lashley to tap out. His only win over The Destroyer was a DQ. McIntyre needed to definitively defeat Lashley to win his belt back. Their showdown on IMPACT wasn’t as intense but there was an urgency here with Drew really hustling to get his belt back. Meanwhile, Lashley came off as a cocky powerhouse who was willing to do what it takes to keep his gold. Both guys delivered an up-tempo title match that was enjoyable. 

Impact Wrestling Uploaded Their Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre Title Match

If you’ve never seen their matches in Impact Wrestling or want a taste of what their WWE Championship showdown at WWE Backlash could be, check out the match below. 

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